Briony Cullin, The Making of a Marketer
Briony Cullin, The Making of a Marketer Featured

Zig-Zagging into a digital career… During this blog series, we talk to accomplished digital marketing professionals from a variety of backgrounds about their career journeys with the aim of inspiring jobs seekers, aspiring freelancers and the trailblazing entrepreneurs amongst you! This edition features the Briony Cullin. I met Briony at Women in Tech SEO Fest […]

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10 Digital Tools Milosz Krasiński Couldn’t Live Without
Milosz Krasiński 10 digital tools i couldnt live without

The best of the best… Milosz Krasiński is the Founder and Digital Consultant at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting. Milosz has been consulting and devising growth tactics for small and start-up businesses within financial services throughout his career. His core specialties being search, link building, page speed and overall digital strategies. After hearing him talk at […]

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10 Digital Tools Steven Van Vessum Couldn’t Live Without
10 Digital Tools Steven van Vessum Couldn’t Live Without

Content is King but what does the King say about digital tools? Steven van Vessum is the co-founder and VP of Community at ContentKing. Back in 2006 Steven fell in love with digital marketing, particularly SEO. Now, over a decade later that passion is still very much alive. He’s a huge industry contributor, a regular […]

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10 Digital Tools Ross Tavendale Couldn’t Live Without
SEO professional Ross Tavendale Title image

As a Scotsman obsessed with productivity, Ross makes the perfect SEO Professional… Ross Tavendale ‘grew-up’ working in big digital agencies and is now the Managing Director at Type A Media. He is a regular on the SEO conference scene and most recently spoke at brightonSEO. With all of this SEO experience, we thought Ross would be the […]

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10 Digital Tools iEva Lauridsen Couldn’t Live Without
iEva Zelca image

Often found at UK digital events… iEva is Head of Marketing at AccuRanker and has experience in driving and implementing digital marketing strategies in various industries across 5 countries and 2 continents. She is based in Aarhus, Denmark, but can often be found in the UK at digital marketing and SEO events such as BrightonSEO […]

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10 Digital Tools Andrew Cock-Starkey Couldn’t Live Without
10 Digital Tools Andrew Cock-Starkey Couldn't Live Without

Andrew has 20 years’ experience in the website arena from design, content creation, building and launching and is the Founder of Optimisey, an SEO consultancy and meet up based in Cambridge, UK. Generous with his SEO knowledge, Andrew regularly blows my mind with digital marketing tips and tricks via his twitter feed. In fact, Andrew […]

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10 Digital Tools Tom Shurville Couldn’t Live Without
10 digital tools Tom Shurville couldn’t live without

Tom Shurville is an old friend of clockworkTalent… Having successfully supported the hiring process for Tom and the Distinctly team over the years, we’re delighted to have watched the business flourish into the award-winning agency it is today. Tom founded Distinctly in 2009 with a clear belief that the substantial shift in marketing from existing […]

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