Do You Need Help With Your Job Search?

If you’re struggling with CV writing, job seeking or your career in general you’ve come to the right place. It might seem like everyone around you has got their stuff together but navigating the professional world can be hard. In this day and age, you’d be crazy not to reach out for help. We’ve got the ability to support you with:

At this point, you may, or may not know what help you need or want, and that’s okay. We’ll be asking you insightful questions so we can identify your next steps. Whether the problem is your CV, or maybe you’re not clear about what you want to do next or you’re just struggling with your job search generally. Together we’ll work it out. It’s pretty common and something we’ve been through with many people at different stages of their careers. 

What Job Seekers Have Said About Us

You might find you’re getting conflicting opinions from those around you and just want independent yet informed advice. Or perhaps you want an experienced sounding board who will ask you questions and help you better explore, and understand, what’s possible.

The quotes below come from genuine jobseekers who used clockworkTalent’s knowledge and expertise to support their job search. They are just a sample from the many happy job seekers who have given 5 star Google reviews over the years.

CV Writing - our goal is to make an impactful CV that will get you an interview but also is your negotiation tool for your job offers

Most people are only taught to write a CV when they’re at school. Then, years later when their careers have progressed and salaries are higher, it’s hard to write a really good CV.  How do they showcase their now much more valuable experience in a CV for the well-paid jobs they’re looking for? CV writing is such an overlooked skill. A good CV will stand out from the crowd, getting you shortlisted and invited for the job interview. It’s also your negotiation tool to leverage a generous job offer, a payrise or even a promotion. It’s importance in a job search is grossly underestimated. It can have significant impact in your career development, showcasing your experience, and differentiating yourself from everyone else!

We can help create your best CV. We already published a popular article on how to write a great CV. It contains a lot of our CV writing tips but some job seekers like to work with an expert to help guide them. By asking insightful questions we help you recognise your achievements, strengths and skills. We draw on our deep recruitment and talent management experience to document your career into a comprehensive narrative – your CV.  Recognising everyone has different stories, and opinions about CV’s, we take away all the personal opinions and focus on what hiring managers are looking for. Also with a lot of automation in recruitment, we ensure not only is your CV in a great format but also optimised for ATS (application tracking systems or databases!). It’s our passion and deep industry expertise that enables us to write the exceptional CV’s we’re known for. 

If you would like help creating an exceptional CV for yourself, please book your initial video call by sending your current CV and availability to

Job Seeking - Not sure what the next step is or what the career path looks like?

Struggling to find the right job? Or spotting the job adverts but upon reading them you’re ruling yourself out because you think you’re not good enough. Maybe you’re frustrated because you’ve sent lots of applications but just aren’t hearing back and don’t know why.  Perhaps you’ve got through to interviews but you’re not hearing back afterward and feel like the rejections are unwarranted but you don’t know what you’re doing wrong?

If this sounds like you and you’re struggling with your job search, please be sure to book your call so we can answer any specific questions you may have but importantly help you focus your job search. You’ll need to treat your job search like a project. We’ll help you organise yourself so you’re not scatter-gunning across the industry but focused and giving each application the attention it deserves

Interview Coaching - Struggle with how to present yourself at interview? Want to be more prepared to make a great impression?

Nothing worse than coming out of an interview knowing it went really wrong. With a little preparation, this should never be the case. Our goal? To help you feel confident coming away from the interview that you’ve done your best. Although every company has different interviewers, there’s alot of commonality to the process. We can provide you with lots of tips and tricks to help you prepare, which will improve your interview performance overall.

If you’re struggling with job interviews, perhaps with a bit of imposter syndrome lurking in the background, interview coaching is recommended to help you acknowledge your strengths and achievements better. This in turn will help you present yourself at your best in an interview situation.  

Career Coach / Guide - Particularly helpful if you have imposter syndrome or underestimate yourself professionally

 You’ll be amazed by how many people underestimate themselves and their abilities. I worked with many (and we come in all shapes and sizes)! Sometimes it takes a coach or mentor to help you acknowledge and own your successes and achievements. If you take a look around you, there will be others with imposter syndrome but they’re either carefully hiding it or they’ve learned how to harness it. Our goal? To help you recognise you’re doing it (yup, some people don’t realise) and to give you the confidence to embrace those uncertainties and turn them into opportunities.

Worried about what’s next in your career or passing over job adverts thinking you’re not good enough? Perhaps you’re relating to the term “imposter syndrome”? Dont’ worry you’re not alone. If you’d welcome the expertise of  a career sounding board, someone who’ll “help you own your space” and give you the motivation and confidence you’re missing you need to get in touch about our Career Coaching service. 

If you’ve not spotted your situation in the list above, reach out to us anyway. We’re adaptable to the individual, and everyone’s circumstances are different. Whether you’re early in your career or already built an exemplary career, people do find themselves needing help and we’re here to provide it. Recently, we’ve been helping job seekers in a variety of situations. Can you relate to any of them?

  • Need a confidential, career sounding-board to explore career aspirations
  • Stuck in a rut at work but don’t know how to get out of it
  • Been applying to jobs but never hear back from any companies
  • Haven’t got the confidence to make applications (imposter syndrome)
  • Struggling to get an invite to a job interview
  • Don’t know how to write a CV 
  • Need support (but don’t know what kind) to move my career up
  • Recently been made redundant and feeling really lost
  • Frustrated by my job interviews, my nerves take over and I don’t hear back from them
  • I’ve been doing my job for ages and I want a payrise

Everyone is different. Some job seekers have found several of our services are what is necessary to help them. For example, a CV Critique & Interview Coaching or CV writing and Career Guide. NOTE: the combination of any of our services is at a cost of  £99.

If you find any or all the above highly relatable and you want support in your job search, please get in touch with your CV and we can book a video call for a friendly chat