Paid Media Career Paths
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Is Paid Media For You? What is Paid Media? Digital Paid Media encompasses all of the advertisements you see mostly on social media and the search engine results pages but companies can also purchase space for their ads on any website/blog/space. When we look at digital media as a whole, it can fit into one […]

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Questions YOU Should Be Asking the Interviewer for a Social Media Job

Interviews can be stressful, but take your time asking these questions… It gets to the stage of the interview where they’ve exhausted just about every avenue possible. They’ve questioned your career, experience, skills and even your ambitions. Then the interviewer turns and asks “So, do you have any questions?”. Don’t crumble at this point. There […]

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Marketing Analytics Job Interview Questions YOU Should Be Asking The Interviewer

Analyse the answers to make sure it’s the job for you You’ve been put through the job interview paces and been probed with questions about all aspects of your career. Your experience and the skills you’ll bring with you not to mention your ambitions. Now they’re asking whether you’ve any questions for them! This is […]

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Questions YOU Should be Asking the Interviewer at a Paid Media Job Interview
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Make sure this is the job for you… Remember, when the job interviewer asks you “Do you have any questions?” this is your chance. Don’t come back with “no, you’ve covered everything”. There’s always more to be asked. If you don’t use this opportunity to close off your queries, ask your questions and REALLY understand […]

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How To Find The Best Digital Marketing Jobs
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Finding the gems… I run specialist recruiters, clockworkTalent. We only recruit digital marketing jobs. As MD, it’s ultimately my choice whom I want clockworkTalent to recruit for. With so many companies hiring, it can often be hard for job seekers to find the best digital marketing jobs. If it’s hard for me to spot which […]

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Organic Search Marketing Career Paths
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So what is organic digital marketing? Organic Digital Marketing encompasses all channels used to rank in SERPs without using paid methods; essentially it’s a “natural” way of drawing your audience into your brand. We’ll be looking at different channels of organic that you can specialise in and discover how they are designed to drive traffic.  […]

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SEO Job Interview Questions YOU Should Be Asking The Interviewer
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Everyone’s recruiting SEO jobs as companies work towards securing sustainable online business growth. So how are you going to ensure you’re going to get your dream SEO job and not jump into another red flag job situation? You’re doing all your job interview preparations but you can’t rely just on what you’re reading. Below are […]

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How To Successfully Ask For A Pay Rise
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Preparation is key when asking for a pay rise! Are you good at your job? Do you feel you’ve reached a stage where you should have been considered for a pay rise already? Many companies have a built-in schedule of performance reviews, a hierarchy of promotions and annual pay reviews. But if you’re not so […]

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Digital Marketing Career Paths Explained

Your how-to guide on career paths in digital marketing! So you want a career in Digital Marketing but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you think it sounds appealing but have tons of digital marketing questions? Look no further! We’ve got all the answers. There are so many career paths in digital marketing that […]

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What To Do If You’re Rejected From Your Dream Job?
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Don’t get discouraged, you can use this experience as a career development opportunity… We’ve all been there. The rejection call. It’s not a nice experience, especially if it’s one in a series of rejections you’ve had recently. You may have done your preparation for the interview, perhaps it even went well. So it’s even more […]

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