It all started with a Jägerbomb…

When asked how she knew of us, Erudite‘s Nichola Stott was kind enough to say ‘I seem to have always known Natasha.’ Little does she know I remember very specifically when we first met. It was at the Emirates Stadium for my first UK Search Awards ceremony back in 2013.

Sitting next to me at the event was the kindest, most knowledgeable lady who seemed to know everyone. It was Nichola, Founder of the technical marketing agency, Erudite (she’d also been one of the judges of the Search Awards the year before). As a relative ‘newbie’ to the circuit, I couldn’t have had a better co-conspirator for the evening. My memory then gets a bit hazy but I’m pretty sure it was Nichola who proceeded to introduce me to Jägerbombs (which I haven’t touched since!) irrespective of whether it was her, I’ve certainly always counted her as an amazing ally ever since that baptism into search marketing.

So, of course, it was really great to receive a hiring enquiry from Nichola. The time had come for the amazing team at Erudite to get an expert to focus on marketing their own work. This is such a pivotal stage of any agency’s cycle of growth. Where an agency is ready to hire a non-fee earning position as their dedicated B2B Marketing Manager. A milestone many marketing agencies strive for.

From start to finish Natasha and team did an absolutely first class job…”

The brief for me was simple. Erudite had already done all the groundwork in preparing themselves to hire. They knew what they wanted and had the job description and hiring process all worked out. It was simply a case of me adding my expert knowledge and shortlisting several Marketers to meet, who could all do this job.

“All the candidates put forward were excellently matched and the whole process from start to hiring took just three weeks…”

I couldn’t have asked for a better brief. They had a fantastically well-crafted list of expectations for their new Marketing Manager. Being professional Marketers themselves, they did have the unicorn of marketing profiles in mind. These ideals are what we always strive to hire. Our goal was to find three or so people who could all do the job and then from those CV’s, find which is the better ‘fit’ for the role, company culture and future career progression.

Once my pre-screening is done, it’s up to the individuals to sell themselves in their interviews, and this they did! In fact, so much so there were some tough decisions to be made at the final interview stage with a round consisting of constructive critique and further questions even after the task stage.

“Industry and role knowledge was excellent, meaning that they knew exactly the right sort of skills and experience we needed…” -Nichola Stott

This is where Dan Rice’s all-round excellence shone like a beacon. Dan and I already knew each other through the wonderful world of Twitter. He and I worked on his CV, making sure it showcased his experience, skills and achievements better. In the interviews with Erudite, he’d done his due diligence and proved himself to be knowledgeable, with great ideation and exemplary marketing skill. But it was his positive response to feedback and his approach to additional questions that instantly put him ahead of the other candidates.

So it’s with great pleasure we were able to give Dan the news that he was the chosen one! Dan accepted the job offer which matched exactly what he’d described to me when we first spoke, as an ‘ideal career move!’

“Looking for a great marketing job is hard enough but I also had some quite specific requests for my next role, so I expected to have to make a lot of compromises. Instead, Natasha used her personal network and found me an opportunity to join the excellent agency, Erudite…”

Since Dan started in his new role, I’ve been checking in on both him and Erudite to ensure onboarding has been smooth and everyone is living up to expectations. It really pleases me to hear huge positivity from both sides!

“This literally fulfils everything I could’ve asked for! I’m delighted to recommend her to anyone that’ll listen. Not only did she match my specific requests, but also surpassed my expectation with her job-seeking advice, guidance and strong interaction throughout the process. I would thoroughly recommend other marketers speak to Natasha and the clockworkTalent team during their next job search!” – Dan Rice

In the week after Dan started his new job, I had a call from another agency owner, who’s looking for us to replicate what we’d done for Erudite! This is where I get my personal reward. When I know a client is so pleased with their new team member, they’re prepared to shout out about it!

Congratulations to Dan and the Erudite team, we’re wishing you all continued success!

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