Who do you call after a great job interview?

Your recruiter is the person who championed you into being considered for this job. Whether you were headhunted or applied directly for it, the specialist recruiter is the one this employer trusts and has been discussing their needs and the requirements with. They’ve been assessing who has what experience. Making comparisons of skills, knowledge and personality with other prospective candidates shortlisted for this job.

The top 6 reasons to contact your Recruiter after a job interview:

1. Speeding up the feedback

Without being a fly on the wall, your recruiter won’t know when your interview finishes. This means they’d have to risk the faux pas that you didn’t put your phone on silent and it rings in the meeting (you’ll never forgive them for this) or have to wait for you to call. If you forget, they risk possibly missing you before you return to the office. Sometimes not getting the opportunity to speak with you before the employer calls with their feedback first. If you’ve called, the recruiter now knows you’ve finished the interview and can call the interviewer for “gut feel” feedback, if not their definitive decision.

2. Reinforcing that you want this job

It’s likely you will be one of several individuals shortlisted for the job. Most of the time it’s your recruiter the employer will turn to discuss their thoughts, then make ultimate decisions from the meeting. It’s essential you call your recruiter first and outline how the meeting went. Your recruiter can then understand whether you hated it or more likely, you loved it and WANT THAT JOB! If you’re not telling the recruiter of your enthusiasm for the job, how do you expect them to fight your corner?

3. Correcting a ‘clanger’

If there was something which went amiss in the interview, tell your recruiter. A ‘clanger’ is recoverable if it is acknowledged and corrected. We’ve seen someone freeze when a tricky question was poised in the interview but as they’d mentioned this is our debriefing call post-interview…. We discussed it with the employer, and ultimately because it was so very “acknowledged” straight after the meeting – it was less of a big deal.

4. Provide additional information

Post-interview it’s common to suddenly think of “the perfect answer” to a question in the meeting. In your follow-up call with the recruiter, tell them your ideas and they can share them with the employer. This could be taken into account later when the employer deliberates before final decision making!

5. Priming for job offer negotiation

Remember your recruiter is probably going to be first to hear about any job offer. If you want to be in the prime negotiating position make sure you call your recruiter and ensure they understand what you’re expecting, what’s essential and what you’re willing to accept.

It’s more challenging to have a low-ball offer and negotiate upwards.

Better to set the expectation from the offset now you know about the company, the challenges, the opportunity, training and perks! Most times your recruiter is paid in relation to your salary, so they want you to get the highest possible offer – so are working in your favour.

You can find out more about negotiating salaries and job titles in the video below

6. Getting your recruiter onside

Don’t be afraid of appearing desperate for the job! If you really want the job, need the job – tell the recruiter. Ultimately every recruiter wants the job offer accepted.

Knowing you absolutely want it helps go towards fighting your corner. By all means, play it cool with the employer if you want to (personally, I don’t recommend this. In this competitive job market, better to tell a company if you love the job prospect and that you really want to join them. This passion and enthusiasm can go a long way in swaying decisions.

Working in partnership with a specialist recruiter means they’ve chosen to put you forward for an interview because you should, and CAN get the job. Keeping in close touch can assist the process, enabling you to better leverage any job offer. It’s worth keeping your recruiter up to date every step of the job selection process, as they can be a huge benefit to you.

Make them earn their fee, get them to champion you into the business and help you obtain your dream job with the best offer!

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