We get it! Writing a CV can be really hard…

You’re writing about yourself; you have to remember things you did years ago; you have to hunt down your GCSE grades from a box of stuff in your mum’s loft, it can seem like a never-ending nightmare.

But you could save yourself, and your recruiter a lot of time and pain by not making these 12 common CV mistakes…

1 – Saving it in a weird format (usually jpg), so it can’t be read by a database

2- Having missing contact details and address info

3- Leaving gaps in your professional experience. Where were you?!

4- Not writing your professional experience in chronological order, with the most recent first

5- Using those trendy ‘sliding bar’ graphs to denote skill levels

6- More missing info, this time education, qualification and training details

7- Not including the dates of your employment or education

8- Saving the document as ‘my CV’ 

9- Not checking for spelling and grammar mistakes!

10 – Having inconsistencies i.e. your Surname spelt multiple ways

11- What’s worse than no email address? An unprofessional email address! Sorry, princessBBYsparkle3@gmail.com you won’t be getting an invite to interview

12 – Oh, you downloaded a pretty template? Shame you forgot to remove the existing content

How many of these CV mistakes are you guilty of? Remember your CV and initial email gives the hiring manager their first impression of you and if it includes spelling mistakes, missing info or a cringy email address, it will most likely end up in their ‘nope!’ pile.

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If your CV is in need of some tough love, we offer free critiques to all digital marketers. We also wrote the ultimate CV writing guide which includes a free template! You can get in touch with our recruitment experts for support or advice by emailing jobs@clockworkTalent.com, calling 02037514108 or by joining our brand new Facebook group!