Job seeking with 140 characters…

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is designed for the professional market; offering suit and ties the space to socially interact with other professionals on an easy-to-use platform.

Its ability to advertise job vacancies and source potential candidates is hugely popular among job seekers, hiring managers and recruiters alike.

Yet, what if there was another way to find the perfect career move via social media.

Twitter presents a world of possibilities and continues to adapt to make the user experience even better; with recent developments including loosening the 140-character limit constraint and adding Moments to drive on-pulse breaking news stories.

However, if we look at the core, day-to-day activities on the site in a bit more detail, it’s easy to see how Twitter can be a goldmine for finding a new job!

Building A Twitter Profile

If you are serious about your job search and want to make a good first impression, the most important thing is to have a social media presence which represents you on a professional level.

Of course, we all have a personality, and it is vital you convey yours; however, your potential employer does not want to see you being confrontational, unmotivated or just down-right silly!

When first building your profile on any social media platform, be wary that one day a potential employer may go check you out!

On Twitter, use an appropriate Profile Picture, Cover Photo, Handle… and importantly use the short bio wisely! You only have a few characters to convey who you are, so make sure you include keywords about your expertise and personality. Something along the lines of; “Coffee-enhanced Qualified SEO Manager from London. Passionate about Running, Dancing and Digital Marketing”.

Once your profile has been built, you will already appear more approachable and professional for a hiring manager.

Next, it’s time to move on to following the right people.

Who To Follow

The rule of three: Companies, Employees, Influencers

The important thing to consider when first establishing your Twitter account is: don’t go too “follow-happy”!

Consider who to follow and then consider why.

What does the person, brand or agency do? Are they in the industry? Do they tweet content relevant to you? Are they an influencer in the industry? Would you interact with their tweets? How could they help you find the dream career move? Etc. Etc.

There are many tools out there which can help you find relevant profiles to follow, so make sure you utilise them (I’d recommend Moz’s FollowerWonk).

Once you begin to follow them and your Following list bulks up, it’s important to engage with as many people as possible; retweeting, replying, liking – all in a relevant way. Asking what someone had for breakfast is nice but not entirely beneficial to your job search. However, asking for an influencers’ perception of keyword density shows your level of knowledge and investment in a topic.

Demonstrate your personality, your knowledge and your expertise. Don’t forget, if your aim is to find the dream role, use every opportunity to make yourself stand out!

The Hashtag Potential

So now your network is growing. You’re following people & companies and they’re following you back (hopefully!). It’s time to think about what you are going to fit into those pesky 140-characters.

With your crosshair focused on landing the dream career move, every character counts. This is where the unique nature of Twitter can come into fruition.

Share industry news, tips, blogs, images, quotes… but then also publish your own tweets! Begin to create your own invested followers.

When doing this, don’t forget about hashtags! Hashtags have been a key driving force behind Twitter’s success, with the searchable function making locating keywords and phrases easy.

What’s important is that you identify which hashtags are crucial for the job search.

There are 3 kinds of hashtags which you should be looking for:

Industry Relevant

Hashtags which are regularly used by companies, individuals and influencers in your industry

For example, in Digital Marketing, hashtags like #SEO, #PPC, #ContentMarketing etc. are used very often and would give you access to a whole host of relevant profiles and tweet.

Identify which tweets are popular by following applicable hashtags – reply and retweet to become involved in a conversation and stand out.


Sometimes, it is important to enable hiring managers to identify that you are looking for a new career move; especially in such a fast-paced & competitive industry as Digital Marketing. Thus, by using clear hashtags such as #HireMe it is obvious you are seeking employment

Be considered when doing this, as you don’t want to plague and annoy an employer; this is a big NO NO.

Job Seeking

By using the search function on Twitter, you will be shown all Tweets which contain that word or phrase. #Jobs #Careers #NowHiring are great ways to identify which roles are currently vacant and which companies are hiring – however, it will return a very broad (global!) response. Try out a few different variants to narrow down the results, #DigitalJobs #MarketingJobs etc.

Engage with employers and recruiters, making sure you follow their profile and retweet / like their tweets – demonstrate you are an active member of the industry and are motivated to be involved.

With any hashtag, you choose to use, use them wisely and not over the top. 140-characters full of hashtags can be a little off-putting to the reader. Regular posting, community engagement, clever hashtags and a clean profile are huge steps towards finding the perfect career opportunity for you.

Hashtags Just For You

We wanted to make it easier for you to find the perfect job… so by using Twitter (and other social media) we have created hashtags which are unique to us:

#cwTJobs – for all the latest opportunities in Digital

#cwTBlogs – for links to blogs about job seeking, Digital Marketing and behind the scenes adventures

#cwTTips – for tips and tricks which can help you in your job search

Please do go and check them out. We update them all daily, so don’t miss out on the latest Digital Marketing job, blog or tip by following the hashtag!

If you would like to add any other Twitter job seeking tips, we would love to hear from you! You can also find job seeking hacks on our blog. Get in touch with us through the normal means, or Tweet us! If you are job seeking or hiring in Digital Marketing, our specialist recruiters want to talk to you! Get in touch today by emailing or calling 0203 7514108.