Calm those job interview nerves by being prepared…

As I was scheduling interviews for a number of digital marketing jobs, I got asked by a couple of different job seekers what I recommended they do to prepare for their upcoming job interview. So, here it is, my list of the best ways to prepare for a digital marketing job interview:

1- Know your CV inside out 

You’ll need to be well versed in talking someone through your career history and able to showcase the relevant examples/highlights to the job you’re applying for. Avoid too much waffle, there’s nothing so off-putting as someone spouting industry jargon. It’s often a pleasure to hear someone talk simply about complex subjects, so don’t overdo it. Gauge your audience.

2- Know your numbers

Being able to quote measurable facts, perhaps in relation to your achievements, KPI’s, budgets or responsibilities. Being able to confidently talk numbers can emphasise not only your reporting abilities but also that you understand the importance of data and amplify your commercial savvy-ness.

3- Be informed about the job

Read the job description carefully and ask your recruiter (if you’re working with one) for more information to really understand the job and what the employer is looking for from you.

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4- Research the company and the team

Check out their website, find who’s who via the company’s Linkedin. Look up the people who’ll be interviewing you, see who you know in common or who will potentially be your peer group, if you get the job. Also, make sure you know who the leadership team are. There’s nothing worse than an interviewer talking about the Founder or CEO and just getting a blank stare back from an applicant. If it’s an agency, know who their clients are and the services they offer. If it’s a brand, know their products or services, publications and any of their successes.

5- Have your own questions to ask

It’s pretty normal for the interviewers to ask if you’ve any questions but make sure they are relevant. It’s really not a great impression for the job seeker to ask in the interview how many holidays they get! We’ve got a list of better questions to ask at a job interview that will make you stand out, positively!

6- Prepare yourself for stock interview questions

There are loads of standard interview questions you can prep for, but you should also consider prepping for job interview questions specific to digital marketing jobs.

7- Check you’re confident with video software

At the moment, employer’s are relying on video interviews a lot more than usual. They’re using a range of platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Meet. It’s worth checking which one you’re being interviewed on and making sure you can access the call and know how to use the software for things like sharing your screen. We’ve shared some tips for successful video job interviews that might also be helpful!

8- Ensure you’re up to date with your niche’s industry news

It’s virtually impossible to keep up to date with everything within digital marketing but employers are always keen to see you keep abreast of industry news. Perhaps brush up on the latest Google algorithm update, any showcase industry campaigns or examples of work you particularly appreciate etc. It might also be worth noting any industry blogs, books or news sources that you could name drop during the interview if asked. 

Video job interview advice

Finally, let your passion shine through. There’s no bigger turn-off at an interview than an applicant seemingly not caring about the role, the company, the industry. A lack of preparation can give this impression but your research and planning will highlight your enthusiasm. And that enthusiasm is contagious. Your interviewers may have a poker face in front of you but they’re successful in their roles and that comes from a lot of hard work. They want to replicate that passion and success with new additions to the team.

Preparation for job interviews can really pay off. clockworkTalent’s clients often say it’s really obvious, in a good way, when our job seekers have come prepared for their digital marketing job interview. Those who’ve done their due diligence shine like a beacon amongst their shortlisted job seekers. They’re prepared, focused and well informed. They ask intelligent questions and have a comfortable interview. 

It’s ok to be nervous. In fact, it’s healthy to have a few nerves but if you’re prepared, nothing will be too much of a surprise and you can confidently be yourself at your best. Which is exactly what we want!

If you’re currently looking for a new digital marketing job, email your CV to our recruiters on so we can arrange a discrete consultation about what you want to do and your experience.

Good luck with your next job interview!