Finding the dream career can be a tough task…

With well over a billion active users, Facebook is by far the largest Social Network on the world-wide-web.

It has many different features, regularly updated algorithms, a widely used instant messaging service, and a thousand videos of cats falling off sofas. What else do you need?!

Well if you are on the hunt for the next step in your career, what Facebook can offer is somewhat under-valued.

As the world’s largest Social Media network and second most popular website (behind Google), there is a high chance employers, recruiters and industry influencers are accessible via the platform! All you need to do is be prepared to present yourself & interact with them in an appropriate manner; the following will explain how to do just that.

The Process

Facebook has many features and facets which can enhance your job search, but let’s begin at the top – your Profile.

Your profile is where you fill in all the information about yourself, including Name, IntroRelationship StatusLocationJob TitleInterests etc. etc. Fill this in carefully and correctly. If you’ve lied, it’s highly likely you’ll be found out!

Include as much information as you can. Make sure to add interests related to the industry / company you want to work in! If you don’t add your location, how can an employer know where you are based?

You’re given the opportunity to upload a Profile Picture and Cover Photo. It is important to make these appropriate. Look presentable in the profile pic and choose something which matches your personality for the cover. Avoid using anything offensive or unprofessional.

When adding friends, you have a choice. Add those who are your “real-life” friends OR add everyone and anyone related to your job search. My opinion is to keep your friends list clean, only adding those you consider actual friends. Of course, you may know people in the industry you work in, and adding those is fine, but try to avoid adding people you’ve never met as it can be very off-putting.

You may also want to consider your privacy settings, ensuring you keep anything which might be deemed suspect by an employer as private for yourself or your immediate group of friends. However, don’t make everything private, otherwise, you could appear suspicious suspect.

Liking Pages is an important step to developing your Facebook persona, your first real opportunity to show an interest in the industry.

In Digital Marketing, for example, there are companies and agencies you may wish to “like” as a starting point – including Econsultancy, Moz, Google, IDM, etc. They are the big movers and shakers, supplying tools, wisdom, training and resources for you to become a better Marketer.

From there, it’s all about liking companies and individuals who you want to connect with. This includes agencies and/or brands (such as SiteVisibility), conferences (such as brightonSEO) and recruiters (such as us!). Don’t forget, when your aim is to land the dream job (especially if it’s a Digital Marketing job!), it’s important you like the right pages.

So, now your profile is looking squeaky clean and you have liked many relevant pages; it’s time to join some Groups.

Groups are set up by other Facebook users for communities to interact with one another. The topic of which can be extremely varied.

From location, to industry, to fans, to conferences, to enthusiasts, to hobbies, to genres, to business, to almost everything. If you have an interest in something, no doubt there is already a group dedicated to it on Facebook.

Using Facebook’s highly coveted search system, you can find groups which are relevant to you. For Digital Marketing, there are a vast number of groups; “Digital Marketing Hub”, “Digital Marketing Jobs”, “Team Digiterati”, to name but a few.

Beyond Digital, there are generic job groups which tend to be related to location, “Jobs In Norwich And Norfolk UK”, “London Tech Startup Jobs”, “South Coast Jobs – Bournemouth”, “Jobs In Newcastle” and many, many more.

Join groups which match you and what you are looking for. Join ones related to the industry, to business and to locality.

Once part of a group, you can start to be proactive. Introduce yourself; say who you are, where you have come from and what you are looking to get out of the group.

Remember, other users are not always interested in self-professing from new members – so engage with the group. Read the rules laid out by the group administrators and intelligently participate in discussions. It’s all about reputation management, so however you contribute, ensure you have the final goal in mind!

This mantra also applies when posting a status. Engage with others and share appropriate content – especially posts from the pages you like! This demonstrates your level of interest and investment in their company & industry.

The Benefits

Lead the employer down a carefully constructed path.

Your profile, your statuses, the pages you like, the groups you’re a part of, they all say something about the kind of person (and professional!) you are. Be conscious of what is published and can be seen by an employer, ensuring you’re the type of well-rounded individual they’d want in their business

Much like your CV, this is an opportunity to convey what makes you great – so make sure you grab the chance by the horns! Demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and interest in the industry, you may find this is an excellent way to connect you with a new job.

The Hazards

With anything on the internet, you need to be wary of your activity – everything is traceable.

Employers DO check your social profiles before interviewing you. As soon as your CV lands in their inbox, chances are they will jump onto Google and find you. If you do not heed the advice outlined in this blog, you may not be representing yourself appropriately to find the career of your dreams.

Carefully consider everything you do on Facebook, making sure you remember who might be looking at your profile!

The Result

Using Facebook to leverage your job search could land you exactly where you want to be. Although it’s not going to overtake LinkedIn as a professional network, it can still be extremely useful!

Combined with other social media networks, your online presence can be a strong and reliable backbone of your applications.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to use Facebook. Follow the advice from this blog and create yourself a profile which accurately represents a professional you. Engage with the community, show your interest in the industry, do what you can to stand out to employers!

If you want to know more about how to best enhance your job search, contact our specialist recruiters today:

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