You can’t always see it coming…

It happens and it’s shocking, I know. You’re probably going through a barrage of emotions but with the right actions, you can help yourself come through redundancy ok, perhaps dare I say it, even better off? You might even find your dream job if all goes well. We helped this happen when an excellent marketer, Danni found herself redundant just before Christmas a few years ago.

Here are the top 10 things you should be doing if you’ve been made redundant:

Talk about it

Don’t bottle it up. We’ve said it before, whilst it can be shocking to know you’re going to lose your job but you must remember it’s not personal. Find people in your network you’re comfortable talking to, whether they’re your family, friends, peers, colleagues or even citizens advice if you’re struggling to know how to approach this. People do lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The arrival of COVID-19 has generated unprecedented waves of redundancy, shining a beam of light on the aftereffects of industry downturns and subsequent job losses due to cost-cutting. It’s not something you should feel embarrassed about.

Try to remain positive

Remember it’s a business decision and this isn’t about you personally. Don’t let your shock or disappointment hinder you in your job search or get you down more generally. Definitely don’t let imposter syndrome creep in and undermine your confidence. Make a conscious effort to show positivity in your attitude when approaching job search and networking. If people want to help you, let them!

Follow up on finance

It’s likely that in being made redundant you’ll be entitled to some financial pay-out. Make sure you get what you’re entitled to. Get advice. There could be notice of termination, holiday pay, and maybe a redundancy payout if you’re lucky.

Think it through

Take the time to consider your options. Have you come away from this with a good sum of money which you could invest in to properly launch your side hustle? Perhaps if you’re able to rapidly secure yourself a new job, you can tuck your redundancy money away as a nest egg for the future? Work out how long you’ve got until things could become financially desperate. It’ll help your decision making in the bigger picture but don’t make rash decisions, talk it over but maybe it is time to be brave and try something else?

Run a SWOT analysis on yourself

Assess your options. Look at your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will steer your next steps. Helping to focus you on what job opportunities you should be considering. Assess what training you might need for the job you want, learning new skills can make you more appealing in the job search – so whether it’s a certification in Google Analytics or learning the art of coding in javascript or HTML, use this time and ask is there is any support offered to upskill or training you can undertake on company time or cost.

Polish up your CV

Pimp it up, polish it. However, you want to put it. If you’re like most people your CV has sat on your laptop perhaps being added to over the last 10-15 years so it’s now a 5-page stream of responsibilities that take you back to being captain of the U16’s hockey team. Use your editorial skills cutting it back to a punchy 2-page read. We wrote a popular article showing you just how to write a great CV.

Update your network

Make sure people know you’re looking for your next job. Update your social media status. Use your own network of family, friends, colleagues and work relationships. Not forgetting the industry meetups, slack groups and online communities. Anyone you think might be able to open doors for you.

Register yourself with industry experts

Whether they’re local or industry-specific recruiters, they offer different expertise so make sure you use them. Don’t forget the job boards, industry speakers and forums.

Be resilient

Now more than ever is the time to show your strength. Whether this is in owning your skills and experience or sending job applications and being persistent. It’s a competitive world, so there will be no’s but it’s a case of picking yourself up to try again which makes you the winner!

Be kind to yourself

You shouldn’t be embarrassed about your situation, redundancy does happen. It’s a business decision and the world recognises it. Tell a potential employer about your redundancy (but don’t belabour the point!). Being honest is always the best policy, especially when job searching. 

Redundancy is hard and it’s hard not to take it personally. It’s hard because it tends to come out of nowhere and you’re not prepared. But, using the 10 tips above it could put you on a better path if you’ve been made redundant.

On a personal level, I’ve helped people who’ve been in that same situation. We’ve found them new, sometimes even better digital jobs. So if you’re pursuing a career in digital marketing, I’d be pleased to help walk you through the options, just get in touch.

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