This hire was a race against the COVID-19 clock…

The start of the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown may seem like a lifetime ago for most of us but for Raquel Pinto it probably feels like yesterday. You see, she started a new job with the digital intelligence and content platform, Pi Datametrics.

Yep, you heard that right. Whilst the world was spinning with news of the pandemic and the majority of businesses were batoning down the hatches and locking their doors, Pi Datametrics took a bold move and brought onboard a fantastic new BDR Manager to drive their new business.

I knew Raquel would be great in almost any new business role although she’d initially applied for a sales job which had just been offered to someone else. I chose her application for a screening call to explore her ambitions, experience and skills on the basis that she had a good cover letter and a decent CV.

“…[Natasha was] diligent from the start, proactively advising on excellent improvements that could be made to my CV instantly, something that no other recruiter I’d spoken to had done!”

Our call went well. Her telephone skills are phenomenal. She’s hugely enthusiastic and builds relationships both quickly and easily. But somehow all of this good stuff was all missing from her CV. To improve it before we sent it out to employers for jobs she’d really want, I guided Raquel to make improvements with subtle additions and revisions in both the format and content. The goal? To personalise her CV, improving its presentation for a better impact with an employer. This would give her a better chance of getting an invite to interview for the job of her dreams.

Raquel had already resigned from her former job, so it was really important to secure the right job in her next career move. One with the right career direction, where she’d be rewarded for her achievements and be able to learn and grow with the right team.

“…helping me achieve my success was genuine, reassuring me I was in the right hands.”

By the time we’d reworked her CV, a new Business Development job from PiDatametrics had come to my attention. Having run it past Raquel (it could have been written for her) we jumped at the chance to introduce her new CV.

“Natasha informed me of a position perfectly suited for my skillset which was more than I could have wished for, particularly given this was during the COVID-19 outbreak…”

Raquel was great at the interview. She was prepared and breezed through a series of testing calls and meetings set to challenge her. And they loved her. Importantly Raquel and I kept close during the interviews, feeding back to each other regularly with updates. The outcome of this was I was able to negotiate not only a pay rise but an earlier than anticipated start date in her job offer.   

“Throughout the interview process, Natasha continued to be extremely diligent, providing me with any necessary interview tips before, informing of any updates in a timely manner as well as proactively ensuring the process was managed most effectively on the employer’s end, which it was.”

Here we are a couple of months later. Yes, it’s been a challenging time, but we’ve checked in with Raquel and I’m pleased to share she’s settled into her new (currently remote) role beautifully. 

“…I couldn’t be happier in my new role and am extremely thankful for all the hard work put in behind the scenes to help me achieve my goals during this extremely difficult time. Not even I could have expected this outcome. It’s more than I had wished for and I will certainly be recommending your services to everyone I know” Thank you” -Raquel Pinto, BDR Manager, Pi Datametrics

Quick side note on this project:

To be honest, as the pandemic hit us, I didn’t know if clockworkTalent would be able to find anyone a job or how long this would go on for. With hindsight, this project was the first of many we were able to make happen, which makes it all the more awesome. We found a great job for a superb person in extreme circumstances. Not only did she start the job quickly, and therefore get back onto a payroll but we found her one where she loved the people and could build on industry experience she already had but wasn’t using. We even got her a pay rise. Happy employee, happy employer… happy me!

If you’re hoping to find a new job in any aspect of digital marketing or are in need of some support, feel free to get in touch with our expert recruiters. We offer free CV critiques to Digital Marketers working in the UK and are here to offer job-seeking advice during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.