We’re here to help…

Like so many in digital marketing, we’re a small business. Like you, we’re working from home and our saviours have been Slack, WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom and Microsoft team (not to mention the office- now, home office dog!). They’ve been a godsend and we’re supporting each other through this uncertain time of Coronavirus with memes, gifs and positive calls each morning.

Wanting to help in any way possible, we put our thinking caps on.

You know us as experts in recruiting digital marketing talent, but did you know this means we’re also experts in job searching, CV’s, virtual job interviews and generally getting people into new digital jobs? We feel it’s important to let you tap into that expertise and allow us to help, especially if you’ve been made redundant or perhaps your work has dried up overnight and you’re wondering what’s next. 

Everyone’s situation is slightly different but our goal is to help you get through this. 

The pandemic has created shock and caused a knee jerk reaction across the world to ring-fence business, shore up what is possible and refocus in capturing as much online business as possible. Some brands have been crippled resulting in loss of jobs and furloughing. Whilst brands pause their activity; freelancers and agencies worry about their jobs too. But believe it or not, some businesses are reporting an uplift in trading and traffic. Those in gaming, online training, fitness or wellbeing, DIY, medical, financial services and more are experiencing an increase in website traffic, revenue and/or share price. This has to inspire hope.

The other interesting observation is that the general consensus is a move away from bricks and mortar to online transactions. Businesses are recognising the importance of their own online presence, which in turn will increase the need for Digital Marketers, from generalists to specialists.

Maximising your brand online

For employers hoping to de-risk business, stepping away from bricks and mortar and bolstering the business’s online presence, we can help. We’re experts at hiring Digital Marketing talent -we know the skills and experience required to make different things happen. Whether it’s managing your social media, bolstering your organic position or fueling your instant visibility with paid advertising. Perhaps you don’t have anyone in the business who can interpret what your data is telling you, how can you maximise the current traffic to your site? Talk to us and let us guide you into recruiting the right marketing skills.

Lucky for us, technology is on our side. We’ve previously proven we can help brands recruit without having ever met their new hire in person. Now with compulsory working from home in place, we’re helping employers with interview techniques to screen candidates by phone and various video platforms. Several weeks into this new way of working, we’re already seeing what successful virtual hiring looks like. We’ve had one new starter and another going through the process as I write this. The onboarding of new candidates will seem a little strange at first as it may be a few weeks before they meet in real life but it can be a huge success!

Looking for new work?

You’re not alone. Hundreds if not thousands of people’s jobs in digital marketing have been affected. We’re taking calls from our employers, wanting to introduce us to great employees they’ve had to let go. It’s terrible but this is business. No one’s judging individuals, redundancy is sadly how some businesses have had to cut back on their payroll. Or, it might be that you’re a Freelancer, and your pipeline of work has disappeared overnight. Again, it’s not your fault but that your clients are putting things on hold as they wait to figure out their next move.

What we’d like to do is help individuals. Finding a new job is tough in normal circumstances but now with coronavirus, vacancies are even harder to come by. So when you do find a digital job you want to apply for, you’ve got to be ready. You want to be sure your CV is chosen from the many applications submitted. It’s about presenting your skills, strengths and achievements in the best possible way so the employer can see what’s on offer and the potential you can offer them as a business. We cover a lot of what we do in a popular blog post: How to write a great CV.

We’ve always offered free CV critiques but we’re also prepared to work with you through new interview processes. After all, no one’s meeting face to face anymore. It’s all done in the virtual world. Whether through Google Hangout, Zoom or Microsoft Team you’re going to have to become confident in navigating a video interview. Just this week, we’ve been helping a job seeker practice with video interviewing as this is something he’d never done before. It can make a big difference to the interview outcome if you’re confident and relaxed.

Our job board remains open, but as you can imagine a lot of jobs are on hold whilst businesses figure out how to deal with Coronavirus. The best thing to do is to send your CV directly to us and let us know how we can help. You can do this by emailing jobs@clockworkTalent.com or uploading your CV to our website. We can have a chat to discuss your options, refine your CV and if we’re lucky enough to make an introduction which gets you an interview, we’ll hold your hand through that too!

What you can do

If you’re job seeking: get prepared, many companies aren’t hiring at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting prepared for when they do start again. You want to be absolutely ready to jump into action when the right job comes along. It’s a great time to bring your CV up to date, making it the best it can be; brush up on your interview skills and above all, look after yourself. Take breaks, watch a film, read a book and don’t feel guilty about it.

If you’re working from home, remember that this isn’t normal working from home, many of us now also have the kids at home and are feeling pressure from all aspects of life. Be kind to each other as you don’t know what the next person is dealing with. We should be taking care of our mental health as much as we are worried about our physical health so take regular breaks, play with your kids, exercise and chat with your colleagues online daily!

To help us all get through this, let’s share positive things on social media and try to enjoy the extra time with our families whether you’re quarantined with them or using video calls! In the meantime, stay safe, stay home and wash your hands.