This SEO Manager Jumped At This Opportunity…

With 4 months of having his feet under the proverbial lily pad, Charlie Williams is an SEO Manager at the much loved SEO Agency, Screaming Frog. Known throughout the industry for its awesome tools, let alone their digital marketing services, Screaming Frog is a highly-regarded agency. It’s through our mutual love of brightonSEO, Dan Sharp, Co-Founder of the agency, and I had been in regular discussions about staffing (retention and development), industry trends and hiring quality talent outside of London. In fact, Screaming Frog’s residence is located adjacent to the River Thames at Henley!

This background and insight proved to be a God-send when I was approached by a 7-year veteran digital marketer, Charlie Williams. Charlie already had a successful career behind him and is every digital marketing recruiters dream to work with. However, with that experience comes years of exploring and refining what you like and don’t like; what works for you and what doesn’t; how you like to operate and how you don’t. Also having a family to consider, a wife who works and young children who quite frankly like seeing their Dad! We quickly understood what Charlie was going to be looking for was like needle in a haystack or, for want of a better euphemism, a tadpole in an ocean.

What we knew about Charlie was that he had a clear vision of what he wanted (and didn’t want) to do. No London commute for him. He lived in Thames Valley and was keen on pursuing something in his local vicinity. He has young children and wanted to be part of their daily routine. He was already working for an awesome agency, so he wasn’t looking for anything less reputed than that! He also wanted the opportunity to be involved – to be part of creating something great.

That’s where Screaming Frog came in. With a couple of calls, clockworkTalent jumped to it and were fortunate to set up a series of meetings for both parties to understand whether there really was the opportunity to work together. We’re delighted to report they leapt at the chance.

It might be interesting for you to note that Charlie didn’t apply to clockworkTalent off the back of an advertised job. It was knowing that clockworkTalent has the ability to leverage our extensive network of industry contacts to find him the right role that Charlie made himself known to the team. He asked us to keep our eyes open for the “right” role which met all the key criteria we discussed; something we were more than happy to do.

Screaming Frog had not advertised an SEO job at the time, but through our knowledge and understanding of them, we knew their successes meant further growth to the team was imminent. We also knew that Screaming Frog could be the right home for Charlie – there were a lot of ticks on his wish list.

Now having passed his probation and truly settled into the Screaming Frog family, Charlie has been kind enough to comment on his experience with clockworkTalent:

“If you are looking to hire a digital marketer, I’m not sure there’s a better option than Natasha and the clockworkTalent team.

Their understanding of the industry, attention to detail and personal investment in clients makes them stand apart. I’ve worked in SEO for many years, and when I looked for a new role in technical & on-page SEO with plenty of strategic thinking, they found me a great fit.

I gave Natasha a pretty hard set of requirements – the job had to be at a suitable level for my experience, and with a business that produces great work and has a notable team spirit. To make matters harder, I ruled out London and relocating due to having a young family.

The care and attention to detail from the clockworkTalent team truly surprised me. My first call with Natasha lasted over an hour. And the attention to detail and genuine passion and interest in my success is worlds apart from my experience with other recruitment agencies. Natasha’s guidance and open-door policy helped me through what was a difficult decision.

Hopefully, in the future I’ll be needing the team’s services as someone looking to hire, and I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking for help.”

-Charlie Williams, SEO Manager, Screaming Frog

In our world of specialist recruitment. it’s all about timing and knowing the right people. The depth of our contact network stretches far and wide, and if there is a company who might be interested in a specific employee’s skills/expertise, then it’s most likely, as knowledgeable as we are, we’d be able to find them – just like we did for Charlie and Screaming Frog. We could do this for you. If, like Charlie, you have an exceptional digital marketing career behind you in SEO or PPC, Social, Analytics or whichever niche specialism and want to see what options are open to you, get in touch with clockworkTalent and discuss your ambitions.

Or, if like Dan, your business would like the support of an experienced, knowledgeable and professional recruitment agency, get in touch with the team to discuss how they can best help.