For this CRO hire, timing was everything…

Already, someone, I was aware of in the Sussex digital marketing community, I reached out to Matt Dawson to see what he was doing. I wanted to see whether a new job opportunity could be of interest. Imagine my delight when I discovered, at the time, he was not working but in the final throes of his Master’s degree with just final exams and thesis to go! The timing might not have been any better from my perspective. He indicated once his thesis was complete, he would be ready to start considering what career move might be right for him once the thesis was complete.

Back when I had known Matt, it had been early days in his career with Matt just establishing himself in SEO and beginning to dip his toes into CRO. He was loving the digital journey he could take a brand on. Either in terms of enhancing a website or app, improving the user experience, increasing organic traffic and improving conversion rates and so much more.

CRO continues to be what excites Matt, and it just so happened to be what my client was looking for when expanding their marketing team. The fact Matt was also undertaking a Master’s degree was an additional feather in the cap. This employer demonstrates a genuine delight in those furthering one’s own personal development as they offer management training and development solutions!

We had the luxury of time on our side with Matt. In reality, he did need to focus on completing his exams. To knuckle down and deliver an excellent dissertation to complete his Masters before starting any new job. We were also fortunate that Mind Tools were able to accommodate the delayed start, once we successfully proving Matt really was the right guy for the job.

Like other successful job seekers, Matt really applied himself to the interview process.  The first meeting went well. Matt walked the interview panel through all he knew and shared his passion for creating and implementing CRO tactics. The 2nd meeting was a little tougher, instead of ‘HR & Marketing’ this time it was a “Technical” panel from the Development team who Matt had to impress.

Needless to say, as with most of our stories, this has a happy ending. Matt did himself proud. He’s joined the Mind Tools’ marketing team as an SEO & CRO Executive, with a focus on taking this British online management training company on a journey of improving online conversions.

Matt has been kind enough to share his experience of clockworkTalent’s recruitment service below;

From the offset I knew that Natasha was not your average recruiter, the way Natasha approached my requirements and workplace desires was attentive and scrupulous. Throughout the journey, from initial contact to securing employment, Natasha was there for me at every moment, she was more of a mentor to me rather than recruiter. Natasha’s expertise is highly desirable when searching for that dream role.

Natasha and everyone at clockworkTalent are greatly recommended. Thank you for everything!

Matthew Dawson, SEO & CRO Executive, Mind Tools

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