Landing a new paid media job while in lockdown…

When the UK went into lockdown in response to COVID-19, the daunting thought of filling jobs and placing candidates during this time began to creep upon us. But, when you have an employer with a need to hire a specialist to continue the great results from their paid media activity and everyone is prepared to complete the interview process virtually, you can make anything happen!

To be honest, I never really know if I’ll find the perfect job for the perfect candidate even when I’ve read their CV and had the initial phone call. But this job was a real crowd-pleaser. They’re a growing business, already with a solid track record. They’ve incredible products, a friendly team and offer great career prospects. Then Paul came along! 

After seeing his CV, we had the initial phone call to talk through his paid media experience, and also so I could confirm my suspicion… Paul really was that perfect specialist fit I’d been looking for.

“One of the better recruitment agencies I’ve had contact with!”

Even down to location, Paul couldn’t have been a better fit for the job we were hiring. It was right round the corner from him!

For Paul, this career move would mean a return to an in-house career as Paid Media Manager which was something he’d greatly enjoyed in his earlier career. It would mean being close to brand decision making and an opportunity to update his own skills. I think Paul was surprised by how closely the job opportunity matched with the ‘ideal’ job he described in our first discussion which made it all the more satisfying when he received the job offer.

“…being kept up to date with the process, it felt like [Natasha] actually cared which is unusual for a recruitment agency!”

During the interview process, he and I called each other, discussed how he felt, the interview feedback and what next steps we’d be taking. This played a key part in the negotiations and ensured Paul got a quick decision with a job offering him a decent pay rise and great career prospects. 

 “[Natasha] got to understand me and my experience and kept me informed at every stage and checked to make sure if I needed anything else.”
-Paul, Paid Media Manager

Paul has now successfully started his new job (remotely for now) all while the country was in the midst of lockdown. We knew Paul would make an excellent Paid Media Manager, not only did he tick all of the requirements, but above all, he brings the positive attitude and a can-do mentality a growing company like this requires.

If you’re hoping to find a new job and are in need of some support, feel free to get in touch with our expert recruiters. We offer free CV critiques to Digital Marketers working in the UK and are here to offer job-seeking advice during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.