Despite being in the recruitment game for many years…

I know I’ve made some decisions based on not everyone’s standard KPI’s.

I passionately believe in the ethos of treating others how you’d like to be treated yourself. I always endeavour to be professional and I believe in the ‘paying it forward’ mantra, some call it ‘karma’.

For instance, the question of whether to wind up a call with a job seeker because I know I’ll never place them perhaps because of their location. Or instead, do I spend an extra 10 mins discussing why their CV isn’t working and how to present it better.

For me, I know I regularly choose to do the later. I can recall many occasions where I’ve made choices which lead to an activity unlikely to result in money.

Because it was the right thing to do.

It may take a little extra time and effort out of my day but I really do believe that you should help someone if you can. As a business owner, it may be a little easier for me to make this choice but it certainly won’t make me rich overnight.

Moving Forward

My ethos is: if you choose to do something nice for someone else, it will come back around again to you. Paying it forward is another phrase which frequently springs to mind. This activity underpins our recruitment activity and generally goes unacknowledged.

It is however what has quietly added to our reputation for sharing quality knowledge and hand holding our industry friends through the job seeking process. It also builds on our ‘turn to’ reputation as the recruitment partner of choice for the Digital Marketing / eCommerce industry.

Hopefully, you’ll see why this review is so special to me.

It comes from David Lane, a guy who we didn’t hire. He had, in fact, landed his own new job…. Do read David’s review below as to how we were involved in his job seeking success and why he came back to thank us for our help!

I made contact with clockworkTalent after feeling under-utilised in my current role, feeling that I could offer and do a lot more than I was currently being tasked with.

I sent my CV in for consideration, a short while later Natasha gave me a call. We discussed each aspect of my CV and how I was under-selling myself. Based on this hour-long chat, I revised my CV, made a few additions to the content and sent in an updated version.

A few days later (after Natasha and her team had worked their magic) I received a brand spanking new CV. Gone were the monotonous list of unnecessary skills, replaced with interesting and relevant achievements from my past experiences.

I am just about to start my new position as the Senior Performance Marketing Manager at a £2,000,000,000+ turnover International business. Whilst this opportunity was not arranged by clockworkTalent I have little doubt that my CV was a major help in me being considered for the initial interview.

This was done completely free of charge, they really do want to help you find your next perfect role, even if they are not responsible for the recruitment.

David Lane, Snr Performance Marketing Mgr, © £2,000m turnover business

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