Welcoming Dan into an inhouse SEO job…

Referred to us by a friend, Dan Callis was looking for an SEO job opportunity to revamp his work circumstances. There had been lots of changes in his personal life and he was frustrated in his current job. He wanted to use his technical SEO expertise but to move from the agency side of the industry into what he felt was going to be the right career move for him, inhouse.

In moving in-house, he’d be closer to the decision making for SEO than he’d ever been when working in agency environments. Plus, he’d be responsible for just one brand.

In discussing this with Dan, it was apparent stability in his professional life was key. He’d had a couple of recent moves due to relocation and we really wanted to find him the ‘right’ SEO job and company. Enabling him to focus on his career, rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done. We bounced ideas off of each other, addressing what would and wouldn’t be right. What was important and was not so much. And then it happened.

“Natasha is awesome. She landed me a great inhouse SEO role and was supportive throughout” -Dan Callis SEO Manager

Call it serendipity or just pure fluke. We had an SEO job open at the end of March from an employer we’d hired for before. It sounded like they literally wanted to hire ‘a Dan’, the job description could have been written for him! So many criteria were a match. We supported Dan through a series of interviews, and it was clear from the feedback, Dan had excelled. He was putting in the prep work prior to the meetings and his own experience and knowledge came shining through in the interview feedback.

By the end of the first week of April, we had an offer for Dan, to which I’m pleased to share he accepted with appreciation.

It took less than 3 weeks for us to find Dan and get him started in his new job at Netmums, the UK’s largest parenting site.

“She regularly checks up on how I’m getting on too, I feel like her adopted Son” -Dan Callis SEO Manager

After my most recent check in with Netmums, it was great to hear the company have just seen some nice little wins off the back of the latest Google update, especially as the first phase of Dan’s recommendations went live just 2 weeks ago! Good work, Dan!

Do I like that Dan calls me his adopted Mum now? Of course, I do. All the people whose careers I’ve helped feel like my extended family. People continue to exclaim they can’t believe I remember them when years later we’re in touch again.

Digital Marketing is my extended family and Dan is another member I’m pleased to include. Thanks, Dan for your kind words and for letting us share your story. It’s been a pleasure helping you into your new job and we look forward to watching your career flourish with Netmums!

If like Dan, you’re looking for a technical SEO career move, reach out to me, Natasha via our contact page. Or you can take a look at the live digital marketing job opportunities on our job board.