When expanding a start-up, finding the right marketing candidate is critical…

Not just for the time, energy and cost it takes but the impact a new hire has. They can make or break the culture and even affect the success of a fledgeling company.

This recruitment project was important to get right. Perhaps we felt the pressure a little more than usual as AddedBytes (the SaaS company behind Readable.com) are our office neighbours and friends. We work in the same building, the same facilities and even our office dog!

‘Laura was a needle-in-a-haystack marketing candidate and we’re chuffed clockworkTalent were able to find her…’

Expanding a SaaS business, especially at an early stage of growth, is fun. It’s almost like starting with a clean slate and this allows us to aim for utopia. At least that’s how we see it. We’re lucky that we already knew this Founder and understood his vision in hiring a Client Success Champion. The vision being that experience and skills were key, the attitude, fit and potential were vital. A ‘hungry’ Exec who was ready to conquer the world would be really attractive.

Drawing upon our tech industry experience and local Sussex knowledge we rapidly identified a stand out marketing candidate in Laura Kelly. We saw so many great qualities in Laura which gave us huge confidence we’d found our successful hire.

Supporting the Founder and Laura through the interview process, handholding both parties through an extensive notice period as Laura was keen to provide her employer support through black Friday (again, another quality about her we valued)… Laura has since been with Readable for a number of months now and we’re delighted to say she’s a valued member of the team.

Readable’s Founder has been kind enough to share his take on our support in hiring Laura:

“Laura really was a needle-in-a-haystack marketing candidate and we’re chuffed clockworkTalent were able to find her for us. We had a few ideas for the sort of person who would suit our growing SaaS business, and Natasha worked with us to turn those ideas into a robust job ad and a description of a couple of ideal candidates.

We met with a few of our own candidates, but Laura’s background, experience and enthusiasm were all a great fit and with the help of clockworkTalent we were confident that Laura could handle the work we had lined up, and we could offer the kind of long-term progression she was looking for. Once we had made an offer, Natasha and the team were able to help with onboarding, working with our and Laura’s timings. From the first interview to the first day, we have been pleased with how the process unfolded and the attention Natasha put into making sure we found the right person. Having worked with a few recruiters before, this level of personal investment, expectation management and continued support from the clockworkTalent team was a breath of fresh air. Since she joined the team, Laura has made a noticeable impact – we’ve even been getting compliments from our customers on the quality and speed of our support, which is a huge improvement!

We recommend hiring with clockworkTalent and will be using them for our future recruitment.”

-Dave Child, Founder of Readable.com

Thanks, Dave for your kind review and we’ve been really pleased to see how quickly Laura has settled into the team (even if she does beat us at pool!). We look forward to continuing to work with you and grow the Readable team.

If, like Dave you want a recruiter to help you find your next hire, whether it’s Content, Tech SEO, Paid Adverting, Social or anything in between – reach out to hiring@clockworkTalent.com and we’ll be in touch to discuss your hiring needs.