It’s the same nervous thought that runs through everyone’s head…

You’ve received an invitation to a job interview, but panic has set in about what to wear! What is the company dress code? Will I look overdressed? Will I look under-dressed? HELP!

Keep calm! clockworkTalent’s Digital Marketing Recruiters are here to help with tips and tricks for all of these aspects of your interview outfit:

  • Clothes
  • Make-up
  • Hair
  • Shoes
  • Tattoos
  • Beards
  • Jewellery

Before deciding what to wear, keep in mind that every business is different. In the Digital Marketing industry, work attire regulations can vary hugely depending on the employer.

Unsure of the company’s dress codes that you are interviewing with?

This is a great chance for you to utilise your recruiter! We’re regularly asked about dress codes, listen to candidates describing their outfit ideas and offer advice – who knew when starting out as Digital Marketing Recruiters we’d be offering over the phone fashion advice?

At clockworkTalent, our Recruitment Specialists know the industry inside out. Which means they’ll know the company you’re interviewing with and will understand the dress codes, expectations and could even provide extra information about the business or the interviewer!

Digital Marketing Job Interview Do’s

Research the company’s policy surrounding hair colour as some businesses don’t like bright, unnatural colours! But no matter the business, hair should be clean & tidy for a job interview.

Beards, like the hair on the top of your head, should be tidy and again, for some businesses, a clean shave could be the way to go!

Your make-up should be minimal and natural, keep that gold glitter dust for your Saturday night and if your nails are painted, ensure they aren’t chipped!

nail varnish for a digital marketing job interview

Do choose an outfit you feel comfortable in, by this, I don’t mean your ‘slouch around the house pyjama bottoms.’ Even if you know the office dress code is casual, you should always aim to be the best-dressed person in the room!

Men, you can’t go wrong with a smart pair of trousers and a well-fitting shirt, while women have it slightly harder simply because of the sheer amount of choice, the same advice can be taken.

A smart, ironed blouse with well-fitted trousers or skirt is a versatile outfit for many industry sectors. You could add a tie or well-fitting suit jacket for more corporate businesses.

Do make sure your shoes are polished and comfortable to walk in, there is nothing worse than wincing through blister pain when you are trying to impress! Super high heels & trainers are a general no go.


  • Take a bag to keep extra copies of your CV and Notebooks in, these always come in handy at job interviews
  • Wear minimal Jewellery.
  • Unusual or multiple piercing policies vary from business to business & links nicely to our next point…

The Great Tattoo Taboo

Even though tattoos are increasing in popularity, around 40% of Millennials have at least 1, the debate surrounding tattoos in the workplace is continual.

Some industries embrace it, while others refuse to employ anyone that cannot cover them, it generally comes down to individual employers.

The Digital Marketing industry is full of creatives, working in varied businesses and they usually embrace body art and creative style.

If you do have an extreme haircut, unusually coloured hair, tattoos or piercings, a business with rules against these things might just simply not be suited to you. Think about the type of company you wish to be part of before changing how you look to fit a dress code!

Interview Etiquette

Upon a discussion we had just recently, we’ve seen interview etiquette can be affected greatly by the choice of clothing!

For example: don’t change your shoes in front of the interviewer as soon as the interview is over, wait until you are at least 5 minutes away! Please!

Do ask to remove your jacket if it is hot, turn your phone off and there is really no need to go on and on about how much you like the interviewer’s handbag!

Be aware of your interview etiquette & don’t allow your clothes to let you down! See our previous blog about interview etiquette here. We also have a Pinterest board dedicated to this fashion conundrum which will help you visualise the perfect Digital Marketing job interview outfit!

Digital marketing Job Interview Don’ts

DON’T wear logos, political badges or fabrics that could cause offense. Missing out on your dream job because you offended the interviewer with your fur coat would be a huge waste of your talent.

DON’T try to be memorable by wearing a statement outfit, you’ll most likely end up being remembered for the wrong reasons.

DON’T assume you know the dress codes of the company you are interviewing with, if you get it completely wrong it could cost you the job, ask your recruitment contact at clockworkTalent!

DON’T leave the house without an umbrella – be prepared for anything on the journey to the interview, if you were to arrive in clothing unsuitable for the weather outside the employer may think you are unprepared or uninformed.

DON’T wear a hat, many employers, and people in general, have traditional views of not wearing hats indoors. Even if the company is young and creative, don’t risk the interview for a fashion statement.

DON’T constantly play with your hair. This can be very distracting for interviewers and could display a lack of interest form you.

Finally, a smile is the best accessory you could wear to an interview. Enjoy the experience!

See our Pinterest board for more Interview outfit ideas!

So, What Should I Wear To My Digital Marketing Job Interview?

The outfit you choose could make or break a job interview. Even before you sit down, the employer has already formed an opinion of you. It is important that everything down to your shoes, jewellery, hair, make-up, tattoos, and facial hair are up to the employer’s dress code standards. Ensure you feel comfortable but always aim to be the best-dressed person in the room!

If you need any help with getting a Digital Marketing interview or have questions about what to wear to one, you can get in touch with our Recruitment Specialists on our website, call 0203 751 4108 or find us on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn