Being a digital marketer can be lonely…

If your digital marketing team consists of 1 or you are a freelance digital marketer regularly working from home, you may recognise the feeling of not having anyone to talk to who truly understands your work. Rachel Finch spoke about this during her talk at brightonSEO and Alexandra Tachalova recently published a blog post about the struggles she had to overcome as a remote international consultant not feeling like a true part of the industry.

I find I can work very happily as a team of 1, I love the feeling of ownership it brings but a good chat with a colleague can bring out the best and most creative ideas in anyone. That’s why I’ve always made a conscious effort to throw myself into the digital community via social media.

There are LOADS of ways digital marketers can feel part of the virtual digital community through social media, whether it’s joining in with weekly Twitter chats, posting in Facebook groups, sharing or asking for advice on LinkedIn.

I’ve found Twitter to be the most helpful in making me feel like I’m not alone in my role as Digital Marketing Executive, I’ve found brilliant industry experts and people in the same position as me looking for a remote, online colleague for empathy, shared learning or just to bounce ideas around with.

Bonus top tip if you’re looking for like-minded pals on social media – Search your job title on LinkedIn and connect with people with similar industries/jobs/skills/interests etc as you. I did this when I first began my career in digital marketing with clockworkTalent as an Apprentice and connected with people in the same position. I’ve stayed in touch and have seen their work develop alongside my own.

As a starting point for immersing yourself into the digital community or to expand you from your comfort zone and existing network, here are my 25 people from all walks of life within digital marketing who I think you should be following on Twitter…

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International SEO Speaker and 2018’s European Search Personality of the Year, Aleyda Solis should be at the top of your following priority list! If you can get past being completely jealous of her regular #wingshot updates from global remote working locations and fancy search awards evenings, you could learn a lot from Aleyda’s SEO tweets.

Even if you don’t already follow Rand, you’ll probably be aware of him and know that he’s just released a book! He has described Lost and Founder as ‘a painfully honest field guide to the start-up world’ and has been sharing his expertise and experience on this topic via Twitter. Formerly CEO At Moz, Rand has recently begun a new venture as the founder of SparkToro and will, I’m sure, be tweeting about his developments.

Alexandra is a brilliant digital marketer to follow on Twitter, not only does she take part in discussions from every sector of digital marketing, she also shares informative, live webinar-style videos and holds regular #DigitalOlympusChats from her business account Digital Olympus.

If you can keep up with Lukasz, he is another brilliant SEO expert to follow. He seems to be in a different country / speaking at a different conference every week but that doesn’t stop him tweeting out the latest in SEO news, offering tips and joining discussions. Lukasz was a recent addition to our blog series ‘10 Digital Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

Grace probably thinks I’m her number 1 stalker. As the PR and Outreach specialist at Bozboz and a Brighton based blogger, she knows her stuff. It seems like every time I go to retweet or like something on my feed its come from Grace. I’ve found many shared interests with her via Twitter and (sorry, Grace) have no intention of stopping the constant likes & retweets!

I first spotted Jamie’s profile during a Twitter chat (you can’t miss her awesome bright blue hair in her profile photo!). Since then, I’ve been following her as she tweets from Colorado in the US about the latest in SEO provoking some interesting discussions with other global industry experts.

You may know Greg from his genuinely incredible conference talks and if you liked them, you should follow his Twitter. During the conference season, Greg has become known for live-tweeting from events he is attending, in his now-famous energetic style.

Tara is CEO & Partner at Truly Social. She is a bestselling author and was named as one of the Women to Watch in Entrepreneur Magazine (2013). As well as sharing updates about industry news and her agency Truly Social, Tara posts video ‘lessons’ twice a month.

Talia is the Founder and Chief Optimizer at Getuplift. She is an experienced conversion optimisation specialist and shares all the latest in breaking digital news, tips from her blog and her keynote sessions at conferences around the world.

Hollie is a Content & Influencer Marketing Manager by day and beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger by night! She is a content whiz and her blog makes for a brilliant read, I especially enjoy her beauty product reviews!

If you’re a fan of inspirational quotes and motivational posts why aren’t you following Omi Sido? Omi is the Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe and a regular speaker at digital marketing conferences. On Twitter, Omi shares pearls of wisdom about staying motivated at work, loving what you do, as well as regular updates about his ongoing home renovation project!

1 third of Brighton Digital Women, Conference Speaker and Digital Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility, Rachel is a force to be reckoned with. Tweeting all things digital marketing, Jeff Goldblum, Star Wars, event speaking and marathon running.

SEO Consultant Barry Adams is another great Digital Marketer to add to your list, he is an award-winning speaker with a finely tuned specialism in technical SEO. He happily shares his fountain of knowledge via Twitter every day! Another fine example of the generous nature of the experts in the industry.

Jen is the Social Media Manager for YouTube stars Rhett & Link (creators & stars of Good Mythical Morning). If you want the inside scoop on representing influencers through social media, Jen is your girl. I have found her tweets fascinating- not just the daily updates on which kind of cookie she’s eaten but also the behind the scenes action of what she gets up to at work creating such amazing content! If Jen doesn’t inspire you to work in digital marketing, I don’t know who will!

Gavin has been dubbed the Facebook King of the UK for his excellent skills and knowledge sharing in Facebook Advertising and video content creation. I was fortunate to see him speak at brightonSEO. If you’re looking to learn about Facebook ad strategy, how to win at social video or just love beautiful photos of Scotland, Gavin is the one to follow!

Now working as a Social Media Consultant, Matt was previously the Director of social media at TNW. He shares his expertise on Twitter via articles, sharing the latest in social media news and is usually one of the first to share the latest in social tech developments.

Founder of MOG Media, Martin is an SEO & Content professional based in California sharing all things digital marketing via Twitter including some great, recent advice for his peers in the SEO industry aiming for ‘expert status.’

Her success in the tech industry led her to become Instagram’s 5th employee in 2011 before breaking out on her own as a full-time photographer. Since then, Jessica Zollman has made a huge splash in digital and has become an internationally followed social media influencer.  It’s my own love of photography that helped me find her!

As the CEO & Founder of social-first agency, Social Chain, Steve is a successful public speaker and influential digital marketer. Steve gives a vocal opinion on how agency life should be, sharing his day to day digital marketing activity, advice for other agency managers and regular podcasts. Steven Bartlett should be close to the top of your list!

Email Marketing guru, Val Geisler is based in Columbus Ohio. She tweets about everything from email conversion, email writing tips and copywriting to the latest in digital news.

Benjamin is the Co-Founder of Loves Data, is an Author, Speaker and Blogger tweeting everything Google Analytics, Data and AdWords (there’re also a few fitness tweets in there!). He shares his best tips and advice in analytics through video, blog posts and sharing his company’s updates.

How could I not mention Craig Campbell? He’s a digital marketer from Glasgow, who uses Twitter to share his thoughts about the latest in SEO, what it’s really like to be an SEO Consultant and the industry events he’s speaking at. Craig takes the time to help young digital marketers via Twitter and has helped me out by answering many of my questions in the past!

Canada based Joanna Wiebe is the Co-founder of Airstory and the creator of Copy Hackers, she tweets everything content marketing including industry events, ‘How To’ webinars and the latest news.

Dan is a Freelance Consultant specialising in eCommerce, analytics, UX and customer experience but is also an avid photographer! Whilst I don’t know Dan personally, I’ve come to recognise his name and Twitter profile as he’s always in my feed. His knowledge covers so many topics and he regularly joins in with Twitter-based digital marketing discussions.

Last but by no means least, Andrew is the Founder of Optimisey, an SEO consultancy and meet up based in Cambridge UK. By following Andrew, you will see video clips and the latest news about his event, how to join his community of speakers and more! Andrew also tweets super helpful tips and advice for the latest in SEO in plain English! I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen tweets from Andrew that I’ve been able to implement into my own work.

You might be working alone, but you shouldn’t feel alone! I hope this post has given you some ideas, inspiration and useful tips to help you feel like you are part of this all-inclusive, international team of digital marketers.

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You can find me on Twitter: @Emmaaa_95 and if you want to share your own favourite Digital Marketers to follow on Twitter, feel free to get in touch!