Having been a digital recruiter for 20 years, my friends and family have from time to time asked for a little help in hiring for their own businesses…

We’ve had success in helping one side of the family who as husband and wife are Directors of a busy, family-run Sussex based Engineering firm, Dicker Precision Components. We were asked to help recruit a newly created position – a CAD / CAM Programming Engineer.

Running a thriving business takes a considerable amount of time and attention. The had pinpointed a significant amount of the MD’s time was being spent organising the CAD design work. And whilst this was a specialist role, it actually didn’t require specifically the MD’s attention. This is how the new CAD / CAM Programming Engineer job was introduced into the company. Hiring this role will release some of the MD’s time allowing him to focus more on the operations and leadership of this engineering company. Making the right hire is really important!

It made sense for the Directors to use a digital recruiter’s skills, to have someone who knows how to find and hire quality people (albeit in a different industry).

So with a fresh head and listening ears, clockworkTalent jumped into the world of engineering to focus on hiring Dicker Precision a CAD / CAM Designer / Developer. Ultimately we were looking for familiarity with engineering, a great attitude and a healthy understanding of the world of CNC machinery. That right someone would also show a lot of potential as only with training and learning in this role will they become a valuable contributor to the business.

With the help of Directors, Mark and Clare, we became more confident with the subtle nuances of the engineering world and more specifically this new job. We got to understand the company values. We were confident we understood what was going to be expected of this new and interesting hire.

I say interesting, as it’s not a “rare” skillset. It is not, however, one which is in abundance on the south coast of England, nor was it one which all prospective engineering candidates are looking for. All of these finer detailed requirements adding up to what could make a great hire but equally tough in trying to find that person who will live in a commutable distance to the Dicker Precision factory in Hailsham, East Sussex.

Whilst exceptional and proven in the hiring of digital marketing jobs and networking amongst the search marketing community, we knew we couldn’t rely on our turn-to USP’s. clockworkTalent was going to have to pull all the stops out. Using our exceptional recruitment and headhunting skills to source, attract and select the “right” person for this role. Good that we love a challenge! An abundance of networking, advertising and recommendations would be necessary to ensure we covered the whole target market.

Within one month, we presented a rock-solid individual who brings with him the perfect levels of potential.  Not only in his early professional career but in his learning to date and his ambitions.

We’re delighted to report Dawid Socha has been hired as CAD / CAM Programming Engineer at Dicker Precision Components. Both the Directors and Dawid himself have been kind enough to share their thoughts of working with our recruitment agency.  As this was not our normal, run-of-the-mill Digital job to hire but a job which took us a little out of our comfort zone. As the employer, Mark has been kind enough to share his thoughts below which go along way in assuring us we did a great job! Thanks, Mark, we’re pleased too!

“We rarely use recruitment agencies, but due to the speciality of the role, we got in touch with Natasha at clockworkTalent to assist us in finding the right candidate. Being based in a small area finding someone with the right requirements can be proven difficult, but with the dedication, we were shown by Natasha we have found the person we were looking for.

With good communication and relationships with both client and candidate, we couldn’t recommend anyone better!”

-Mark Love, Director & Clare Love, Director | Dicker Precision

If like Clare & Mark you are an employer struggling to hire the right candidate for a specific role, get in touch with our Recruitment Specialists who will take the time to get to know you and your business with an aim of finding the perfect person for the job!

And if like Dawid, you’re job seeking and looking for support and guidance in finding a job you should read our blogs which are dedicated to supporting a job search. They range from CV writing, interviews, typical interview questions and more. Read below what Dawid had to say about our approach to finding his dream job!

“I was struggling with my job hunting for quite a while and all of a sudden one woman turned up in my life and gave me the best chance I could ever imagine. Thank you very much, Natasha, for all support I got from you during the recruitment process, full professionalism, tips and hints, excellent feedback and perfect matching me up with the role.

I bet lots of people just dreaming to meet you and those who already met you are as pleased as I’m now! It is a pure pleasure to work with you. Highly recommended. Thank you once again!”

-Dawid Socha, CAD / CAM Programming Engineer | Dicker Precision

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