A job interview can be a scary place…

We all do our due diligence and get in the right mindset. On the day we douse ourselves in a fountain of perfume or cologne and attempt to make our hands as least clammy as possible. We walk into the interview room, shake hands (not too hard!) and sit where instructed. Then the questions start… and you end up screaming to yourself “just tell me what you want me to say for me to get this job!” as a tear runs down your bright red cheeks. Okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but interviews can be a daunting experience if you approach them unprepared.

The point of this post (and ones which will follow) is to give you the chance to understand what is going on from the other side of the fence. Challenging interview questions and topics of discussion which seem to come out of the blue are absolute gold dust for employers, giving some real insight into how you react under pressure and demonstrate your capabilities. Just take a look at what Microsoft does to their interviewees, it’s borderline evil (spoiler alert, their geometric question is impossible to answer)!

We decided to open up the floor to employers of whom we have previously worked with, asking them what they always ask candidates in an interview to gain the most insight. Here are some of their responses:

 “I am always intrigued to see how much research the candidate has done into our company, not just about what we sell, but how long we’ve been trading, our social media presence, what sort of customers we have, who our competitors are, and what awards we have won.”

 Georgia, The French Bedroom Company

“It’s great to see candidates who have the confidence to interview you as employers as well as the other way round.”

Liz Walker, Distinctly

It can be both fascinating and imperative to understand what an employer asks and why. These insights can be applied to almost all industries, though what we will explore in future posts will be much more specific, honing in on particular interview questions a Tech SEO Manager may get asked, or a Web Developer, and so on.

An interview is much like an exam at school, and as one of my old teachers used to say, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. The more you know about yourself, your CV, your experiences and the company you want to work for, the more likely you are to impress. Yet it always comes down to one thing, you must be yourself – an employer doesn’t want to have the wool pulled over their eyes, this will only end badly and you will get found out.

We hold the hands of our candidates, making sure they are fully prepared for an interview – after all, we are in a unique position having understood both employer and job seeker as much as we can! Don’t be scared of an interview, it is as much an opportunity for you to explore the company and the role as much as it is for them to understand you. Do your research, listen to advice, and most importantly: be yourself!

Over the next few weeks, we will be breaking down what questions you might have to tackle when going for a job interview in digital marketing. If you are an employer and you have particular questions you always ask candidates, get in touch and we might add them in future posts!