What makes a great Digital Marketer?

New technologies, software updates and innovative ideas are being produced every single day. With that in mind, it becomes clear that online marketing is not for the faint-hearted, think of the pace of the stock markets but inside an art studio, unusual work environments and hours producing individual, ever-updating content equates to some pretty unique personalities.

This ever-changing digital landscape is inhabited by some awesome thinkers and creatives, who can be found working in wide-ranging roles, from Web Developers to SEO Experts.

It is not the approach of a Digital Marketer to sit back and watch things unfold around them. In order for them to thrive in the industry, they immerse themselves, staying alert, ready to learn and consistently enthusiastic about their own work and work from peers!

Here at clockworkTalent, we’ve created an infographic to try and best describe some of the attributes it takes to be a Digital Marketer…

Anatomy of a digital marketer pink black and grey infographic


Responding quickly and accurately to trends, news and events allows Digital Marketers to keep their content on-trend and published on the most relevant platforms.

Responding to software updates is also an attribute of Online Marketers, with changes and updates being released regularly. The Digital Marketer must be ready to alter their previous knowledge and learn from scratch, even if, the update is on a piece of software they have been using everyday in their role.

News Worthy

Keeping up to date with current industry and world events will produce more interesting content for readers, while the Marketer will also create new, original news by offering insight or opinion!

Digital Marketers can’t keep up to date by just reading and watching news and trends unfold in front of them, they must engage and create conversation in order to promote their brand successfully. There are 2 million blog posts written every day which, for an Online Marketer, means 2 million items of content to compete with for readers attention, but also learn from.


Collaborative aspects of digital marketing include communicating with lots of different people, from all across the world. This includes everyone from the people sitting next to them in their office, to the Twitter user that replies to every single one of their tweets.

Any successful Digital Marketer is willing to share content topics, news stories and ideas and also ask other Digital Marketers for help. The ability to share improves their ability to learn from their peers and vice versa.


Adaptability plays a large part in a Digital Marketer’s personality too. Think for example, of SEO jobs and how they have adapted in the past few years from being solely technical, to now involving content creation.

This is also true for adapting to a work environment. Digital Marketers have an ability to work anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and a lucky few can travel the world while working, just as long as they are able to adapt successfully to the different environments and work styles!


As well as search engine friendly content, areas of digital marketing also require strategic thinking, SEO expertise and performance tracking. With suggestions that Digital Marketers are part scientist, part artists, this is a major aspect of any Digital Marketer’s anatomy. They use analytics to improve their content and learn about their audience while also measuring the results and effectiveness of paid for campaigns! Measure, Measure, Measure!

Creative Thinking

Finally, creativity is one you saw coming, right?

Marketers have to find ways of producing unique content, whether in the form of a PPC campaign, rolling out a new website or a tweet, that engages customer conversation and interest.

A passion for constant learning can be found flowing through the veins of every Digital Marketer. They need to learn about new software, news and analytic tools just to make sure their content is relevant and able to fit into the current digital conversation.

Overall, Digital Marketers may engage in learning about many aspects of the Online Marketing industry but will also then narrow it down in order to specialise in one area, allowing detailed focus and the ability to learn through others whose specialities differ.

If you work in a Digital Marketing role, we would love to hear what it takes you to stay unique. If you are looking to find your place in digital, get in touch with our Recruitment specialists today by emailing jobs@clockworktalent.com or calling 0203 751 4108!