Remember starting a new job can be hard, but you’re not the only one to think that..

If you’ve recently started a new job but already regret having accepted it, you’re not alone. Many people start out this way. It is a very common thing for a person to sit at their desk on their first day, feeling swamped, thinking to themself “What have I done?”.

It can be an overwhelming time with all the new changes which can include a variety of things such as moving to a city or country, new tasks in your role or maybe a higher position than your previous job that you thought you were ready for. All of these changes can cause doubt in your mind. So what happens when the regret and doubt begin to kick in?

Give yourself time! 

You might have the same position as your previous job, or you might have completely changed your career paths, but you need to give yourself time to adjust! Every company has their own way of doing things, so maybe you are not used to how everything is done in your new job, give it time, it can be hard starting in a new environment! You can prevent yourself from getting into this situation by making sure you ask a lot of questions in the interview before you get there. It’s always easier if you know what you’re getting yourself into

Identify why you feel regretful

Try to identify what exactly it is that you are regretting. Is it the thoughts of a new job? Meeting new people? Or are you really not enjoying the work you are doing? If you can identify why you feel regretful of your move, it may help distinguish whether it’s the role itself or the company you aren’t enjoying. 

Remember why you left your previous role

Remember, you left your previous job for a reason. Your new job could have a better career progression, focusing on what this new job can do for your career development may be worth sticking around for. 

Talk to your manager 

Talk to your manager about your struggles with your new role. Talking about any issues you’re having or even just asking for support with getting to grips with the role. Talking it out may put your mind at ease and alleviate bigger concerns you have about the role. 

Don’t burn bridges with your old manager 

If you’ve given your new job time but you’re still regretting your career move, then it could be time to talk to your recruiter or previous manager to maybe see about coming back! Keep in mind your previous position could be filled, but they could always keep you in mind for future positions that come up!

Regretting a job move isn’t something anyone should feel guilty about or let it get them down. It’s happened to the best of us! Hopefully, these tips will help ease your mind knowing that it’s not only you that feels this way, and no matter how many doubts creep into your mind, just believe in yourself and trust that you will make the right decision and you will find the right path. 

Starting a new job is hard, but it’s the perfect time to start fresh, learn some new skills, ask as many questions as you need to and just do your best!

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