For the second time in as many months, our recruiters have placed a professional Digital Marketer within another recruitment firm…

It’s always great when an employer is recommended to use our recruitment services.  In this case, the Head of Search and Technology of Leisurejobs, the hospitality and leisure recruitment group, gave me a call out of the blue as he was having difficulty hiring a Digital Media Manager.

Based in Battersea, and with a small but growing team of digital professionals, the requirement was specific and relatively urgent. We knew that other recruiters had already had the vacancy and that the employer’s own network had been considered.

Grateful to get the time to review the job description, our initial call with the Head of Search and Technology articulated clearly the skills and experience he was looking for. In addition, we used this call to gain an insight into the practicalities of the role and to gain an idea of the growth plans and career progression. So not only would the candidate match the employer’s expectations, but the role and the career path would match the candidate’s ambitions. This is what we call “Utopia” and it’s what we’re always striving for.

Interestingly, having taken the brief and beginning to consider our wide range of job-seeking professionals, we knew of one specific guy, who on paper wouldn’t appear to be right.

Yet, having taken the time to get to know him we knew he’d be perfect for the role. With a little persuasion, we got the two parties on the phone initially, quickly followed by a first interview and then a second.

The task was a challenge, but combining this with the rapport he built with his future line manager, his final meeting with the CEO secured him the position. We’re proud of our candidate, he presented himself at his best.

Being human, it wasn’t perfect but both parties really understood each other and within one month of clockworkTalent being briefed on the Digital Media vacancy, Leisurejobs have their new starter completing his first week with them. Even at this very early stage, all parties tell me they’re very happy.

We keep in touch with our hiring managers and new placements. We do this with unexpected calls into them just to double, triple and even quadruple check everyone is still happy. If there are any on-boarding issues, it’s these early exchanges which help put to rest any issues before they manifest into substantial problems.

The hiring manager, Chad Conlon, was kind enough to summarise his experience of working with clockworkTalent:

I approached clockworkTalent as I was having difficulty finding talented candidates for a multi-discipline role.

Natasha has been a star, understanding my requirements and managing the process seamlessly.

The result speaks for itself as I have just acquired an excellent new hire for .

Chad Conlon, Head of Search and Technology, Leisurejobs

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