From freelance translator to SEO Director…where did it all start? 

During this blog series, we talk to accomplished digital marketing professionals from a variety of backgrounds about their career journeys with the aim of inspiring jobs seekers, aspiring freelancers and the trailblazing entrepreneurs amongst you!

Orit has been in SEO since 2008, leading big in-house SEO teams in highly competitive markets since 2014 – Fintech (eToro), Gambling (William Hill, 888), eCommerce (SilkFred) and most recently Publishing and Financial Services (SEO Director, Forbes).

Born in Argentina, raised in Israel and living in the UK she speaks 3 languages, making International and technical SEO her favourite part. 

She was voted one of Search Engine Journal’s top SEOs to follow in 2020, she is also an SEO author, competition judge and public speaker.

In her spare time, Orit enjoys baking, ice skating managing her pug’s social media channels and exploring the UK with her family!

Now to the interview, we asked these questions to find out more about Orit’s journey into SEO, so you can be inspired in your own career. So where did it all begin for this digital marketer?

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

I wanted to become a writer. I loved reading and writing short stories based on reality, but enjoyed the fact that I could make up my own ending!

What was your very first job? 

I started out as a freelance translator when I was 17 for pocket money, and this continued all the way until I graduated from university. My proudest moment of my young translation career was that I managed to pay for my 3 month trip to South America just by translating one incredibly long international police report. So crime basically paid for the trip

How did you first discover digital marketing / your specific industry sector? 

I wanted to make the transition to digital back in 2008, and I applied to the role of Spanish Content Manager and Translator and I thought this role would be perfect for me. I applied and got it! The role was reporting to the SEO department and I was getting all those SEO requirements, which I became really curious about. Coincidentally, they later had an opening for a Junior SEO project manager, to which I applied and that’s where my journey commenced. 

Share a mistake you made or an event you regret from your career

It’s hard to say I regret things because, at the end of the day, everything I did led me to where I am now. The only thing I do regret is that I didn’t believe in myself earlier in my career (or when I was younger) that I could add coding to my arsenal or become a developer. I feel that learning it younger or getting the right encouragement to become a developer would have given me so much more in life. But I’m very happy with my recent Python adventures and how they have helped me on a day today.

Jumping in a time machine, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self? 

I have this on a cross-stitch on my desk to this day actually: You’re gonna figure it out like you always have.

What industry skills do you wish you’d learned sooner and why?

Python coding would have saved me so much time much sooner…

Who are you inspired by in the digital marketing industry?

Aleyda Solis and the late Hamlet Batista. Top experts in their field while being the nicest, most approachable and most genuine human beings.

If you were to publish an autobiography in 20 years time, what would it be titled? 

She believed that she could, so she did.

What’s the one thing you want to be remembered for from your career, and why?

That you can be nice and funny and love memes, but also be a killer professional and drive results. It doesn’t all have to be serious all the time.

What subjects were you best at in school? 

English and all things language-related (which led me to my bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, which I graduated with honours)

Thank you, Orit, for taking part in this series. It’s always so nice to be able to share stories of marketers supporting others in the industry. We recommend everyone to follow Orit on social media and to learn more about her positive impact on the industry! 

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