Learning from the experiences of others…

Before, during and after our CoFounder’s incredible search marketing conference, brightonSEO, we were delighted to have such an amazing response to exposing interview stories and secrets.

The renowned speakers from the event told us some humdingers, which you can read in our series of blogs OR if you still have your copy of the brightonSEO magazine, then you can find some on page 4.

Yet, we are not done! We wanted to find out more secrets and stories which can help you prepare for any upcoming job interviews you may have.

Job Interview Know-How: The Ins and Outs

Attending a job interview is something we all must go through, whether you are at the very start of your career or a seasoned professional.

Nothing is more important than your preparation; you need to make sure you are doing your due diligence about the company, the interviewer/s, their website, their competitors, the industry and their target market. You can never do too much research, so aim to know the company inside-out.

It is also vital you completely know your CV to pinpoint accuracy. You should be able to walk the interviewer through your career history with no hesitancy.

When choosing what to wear for an interview, you should make sure you are the best-dressed person in the room. Get ideas from our popular post providing tips on recommended interview dress code (and what you should avoid wearing!).

Interview outfit ideas
Like any social or professional situation, there is a certain etiquette you should adhere to in a job interview, particularly one focused on a Digital Marketing vacancy.As specialist recruiters serving the digital industry, we hear wonderful and eye-opening stories about interviews; from someone taking their shoes off to another having one too many beverages! Have a look at our posts on interview advice for what to do and what not to do in a job interview, as we draw on real-life examples to help you nail the interview process.

Once you have done your research, feel comfortable discussing your CV, are dressed to impress, and know best interview practice, it is time to anticipate what you might be asked.

What are your strengths/weaknesses? What achievement are you most proud of and why? Why do you want to join our company? These are all stock questions which employers ask in most interviews, and we would highly recommend you consider how you would answer them before sitting down at the interview table.

But then there are those extra, off-the-cuff questions which can catch you unaware. They are often asked to see how effectively you can think on your feet. For example, what would be your response to; “If there was a brick on the table, how would you remove it without using your hands?”.

After having fruitful discussions with various friends across the industry, we discovered more fascinating stories and secrets which can help you in an interview. Read on to find out!

Interview Questions and Stories: Could You Answer These?

What’s the one Killer Question you love to ask when interviewing?

“If you were to give a talk at Brighton SEO, what would it be on?”

Tom Shurville, Managing Director at Distinctly

“”Why should we hire you?” is a great question for the end of an interview. It gives the candidate an opportunity to provide any information that hasn’t arisen yet, and encourages them to summarise their main points. Because it’s such a broad question, you can learn a lot from how the interviewee approaches it.”

Craig Hall, Operations Director at Glass Digital

“Tell me the biggest frustration you’ve had in your professional life…?”

Scott Colenutt, Head of Digital at SiteVisibility

“I am always intrigued to see how much research the candidate has done into our company not just about what we sell, but how long we’ve been trading, our social media presence, what sort of customers we have, who our competitors are, and what awards we have won.”

Georgia Metacalfe, MD / Founder at The French Bedroom Company

What’s the most out-of-the-box question you’ve been asked at an interview?

“”If you were a part of a bus, what part would you be?”. A psychologist might say you can learn a lot about a person from what part they pick, but I think the interviewer was more interested in my reaction to the question — whether I would take it in good humour and come up with an interesting response in a short amount of time.”

Craig Hall, Operations Director at Glass Digital

“I was once asked my favourite colour in a most bizarre interview with a man who I swore I’d never work for. In the end- I did, for three years!

I also shared an existential pondering over the meaning of life when sharing a cafetière of coffee with an Ad Agency director who asked me how I would die if I had the choice.”

Sophie Wilson, www.sophie-Wilson.co.uk

What’s your most memorable interview story?

“One candidate told us that they wanted to get some training and experience so they could set up their own agency. We’ve also interviewed content writers who say they want to be an author. When an interviewer asks about your five-year plan, they’re usually hoping that you want to progress within the role and company you’re interviewing for.”

Craig Hall, Operations Director at Glass Digital

How Can You Perform Well At A Job Interview?

Each question and example seeks to explore a different facet of an interviewee, but often it is how you respond which is more revealing than what you say.

A quick-fire response might tell the interviewer you can think on your feet, but might this lead to queries over rash decision-making? If you take too long, this may indicate you are considerate yet indecisive? When answering, try to be a comfortable mix of the two, demonstrating your ability to make clever decisions at a speedy pace.

It is important you are prepared to answer the unexpected. Use these examples and advice when preparing for an interview so you may set yourself up for success.

What would you answer to any of the questions posed above? Leave a comment below and compare your responses with others. All interview tips are welcome!