Can a job change ever be relaxing?

I find it extremely flattering when a former hiring manager or interviewer reaches out to clockworkTalent for support in their own job search. A good recruiter will never directly approach employees of a client they’ve hired for, it’s unethical. But it’s perfectly acceptable for an employee of said client to approach the recruiter themselves.

This happened towards the end of last year when a ‘Head of’ at a buying & selling platform reached out to me. He’d seen we offer free CV critiques and after 3 years in his current job was considering whether there might be an interesting new challenge out there for him.

Brighton being such an incestuous market -everyone really does know everyone, it was with only a hint of surprise I read the email asking if I thought there were any improvements I could make to his CV.

In reality, it was already pretty good. It only needed a tweak here and there to make it a better read and showcase his achievements. We used the principles outlined in our popular article how to write a great cv and from there, we explored what type of challenge was going to be of interest to him next.

If the perfect job is not already on the recruiter’s books, by contacting them you’ll automatically be considered when it does come in. So, if you’re a digital marketer looking at the job market, be sure to let your own recruiter know!

This is exactly what happened with Aaron.

In parallel with registering his interest, another employer had just been discussing their need to hire and use our recruitment services. For us, it’s normal to use our industry expertise (both recruitment and digital marketing) to provide support through the hiring/job search process. We provided a sanity check on his CV, a little career development coaching and supported Aaron through a series of interviews. The outcome quickly realised an offer and elated acceptance.

We’re delighted to congratulate Aaron on his new role as Digital Marketer at He’s been kind enough to provide his review of using clockworkTalent as his digital recruiter:

“Natasha is without a doubt the most thorough recruiter I have ever worked with. In our first call, she went through extra time and effort to ensure that she fully understood all the details around the role I wanted and the coming steps for my career. Her due diligence reassured me that her aim was to match me with the correct job for me rather than just another ‘commission-driven recruiter.’

Within one day of speaking to her, I was offered an interview for a role that I was later hired for. The whole experience was very professional, in-depth and surprisingly fast-moving.

For any digital marketer looking for their next challenge I fully recommend reaching out to Natasha. You can be sure that she will match you with roles suited to what you are after rather than the “spam all” approach of too many of today’s recruiters.”

-Aaron Timson, Digital Marketing Manager,

Many thanks, Aaron for your kind words. We enjoyed helping you find a great new digital job with in Brighton and look forward to working with you again in the future as you expand your own team’s skills.

If, like Aaron, you already know us (or even if you don’t), you can use our expertise for a free CV review or just to discuss the Digital job market. Get yourself registered so we can consider you for the new jobs we hire across the Digital Marketing and eCommerce landscape.  If you’re interested in getting inspired by top hiring and job-seeking tips and industry gossip in our regular newsletter.