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When a brand is committed to building their online presence, sometimes it’s smarter to outsource specific skills and utilise experienced professionals to get it right. This is what our recent success story, British bed manufacturer, Warren Evans has done.

Engaging two independent Digital Marketers to drive both their Organic and Paid Media activity whilst focusing on growing their own in-house skills.

When it came to hiring the critical role of eCommerce Manager, this clever Head of Marketing asked the consultants who would be best to help him make the right hire – to which, both consultants kindly pointed them in our direction!

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This is how I came to speak with Dave Gibson, a specialist in sleep and an experienced media man in his own right.

As the Head of Marketing at Warren Evans, Dave works closely with Founder, Warren and has guided the company into an expansive awards cabinet. Awards which include repeat wins from the Sunday Times’ Best Green Companies, The Observer’s Ethical Retailer of the Year as well as certification by the Forest Stewardship Council during their 30-year journey of creating, delivering and assembling handmade beds in London.

With quite a wide brief  of the role and a lot of conversations along the lines of  “you know what we’re looking for!”, we focused on finding an experienced eCommerce Manager who brings:

  • Enough track record to technically know what they were doing but still early enough in their career to be excited about the future growth of this brand
  • Oodles of ambition to deliver and see results
  • Personality/character which would lend itself to successfully dovetailing into an established but relatively inexperienced team in the need of healthy mentoring and leadership.

Drawing upon our extensive network of contacts built up through years of attending conferences, networking and recruiting, we shortlisted four highly appropriate individuals.

Shortlisting and meeting just the 2 preferred applicants, Dave used his tame consultants’ expertise to rubber stamp his gut feel, the outcome of which was that Dave’s final selection of Cristina was unanimous and a delight for all parties.

Cristina Csuros has now been in her new role for nearly a month and having checked in on her regularly, we know that she has settled into her position as eCommerce Manager quickly, integrating herself into the team and immersing herself in activity.

Read below what Cristina had to say about the recruitment service clockworkTalent provide…

If you are looking for a new Digital Marketing role, do not hesitate to contact Natasha, at clockworkTalent. She helped me to find the perfect position I was looking for. I’d thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a role in Digital Marketing. I’m so thankful to have discovered clockworkTalent. Thank you Natasha you do a great job.

-Cristina Csuros, eCommerce Manager at Warren Evans

We all know the early days of a new job are “interesting”, so we checked in not only with Cristina but also with Dave. It’s possible for little issues to escalate rapidly but with regular check-in’s these can be prevented.

Fortunately for us, everything is going well for both parties. With not only Cristina giving us a great review but Dave has also been kind enough to share a gleaming review on our recruitment support too.

clockworkTalent were mentioned by more than one of the online consultants which we work with as a top notch digital recruitment agency, so along with a couple of agencies we gave them our recent digital manager brief. The level of 4 candidates offered up were all spot on for the position. Each however came with a slightly different portfolio of experience and personality, and all could have done the job brilliantly. The candidate we chose we would all agree was absolutely perfect for our needs, and we have rarely come across any recruitment process were all the candidates were a good fit. It took 3 weeks from start to finish to get the offer accepted … Just brilliant

                                                                -Dave Gibson, Head of Marketing at Warren Evans 

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