Community Marketing Manager reaches dizzy new heights as she lands her dream role…

Those of you who know me, I love a great collaboration.

A recent success story came through a great introduction from a recruitment friend of mine whom I worked with some 10+ years ago. She knew clockworkTalent specialised in digital marketing and we’d been doing a great job.

Having been a recruitment partner for some time to mountain sports apparel brand Arc’teryx, my friend wanted to deliver the best results for her client. She also knew whilst retail was her area of expertise, our digital specialism would drive a fast and successful recruitment campaign using a strong network of contacts and instant understanding of what was required.

Our mutual respect of delivering quality service enabled my friend to know her client was in safe hands to hire a Community Retail Marketing Manager role into the Flagship Store of this beautiful brand. Thus, the introduction was made and we took on the search to find Arc’teryx their new Community Manager in London.

The campaign started and so did my steep learning curve of the dedication and drive the Community Managers have for their Sport Apparel brands. Remember, I am only looking at the creme de la creme… to be a true community manager, these people need to live, eat and breathe their brand’s core values; from healthy lifestyle to running, bouldering (who knew this was a sport?), to hiking, trekking, mountain marathon’ing (isn’t a straightforward marathon enough?).

I was just blown away by how committed these guys are!

Rapidly working my way through the industry, I drilled down to several exemplary potentials, but ultimately we were fortunate in securing an exceptional lady. Not only does she live the lifestyle, bring with her experience of building, driving and managing a sporting community, but also founded a dedicated hashtag to a popular London running group… and …. developed her own personal fitness blog in the last 4 years across all social platforms.

Her passion and flair shone throughout the process and we wish her well in her new job at Arc’teryx.

The hiring manager, Jaime Silva, was great to work with and, like all Arc’teryx employees, was noteworthy in himself having completed the first expedition (ever) paddle boarding in the Arctic! Jaime was kind enough to share his thoughts of recruiting with the support of our Digital Recruitment specialists:

I had the pleasure to work with Natasha in recruitment process for a Community Manager for our flagship retail store in London and from the brief to the selection of the right candidate was very easy and quick.

Natasha understood clearly what kind of candidate we were looking for and in less than two weeks we had a meaningful pool of candidates to choose for. I will definitely be working with Natasha again for further search and selection projects especially digital marketing related.

Jaime Silva, Retail UK Project Leader for Arc’teryx at Amer Sports

For us, the professional skills and experience are essential, but also it’s almost as important the individual “fits” with the team, the culture, the spirit of the business. For a company where it’s lifestyle is so vivid, this is where professionals can differentiate themselves from the others. In being a Community Manager as a day job, it wasn’t enough. Demonstrating you personally resonate with the brand, this is what makes an individual exceptional!

We loved working on this project and look forward to working with more brands within the Amer Sports Corporation portfolio in the future.

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