My laptop ‘pinged’ to let me know I’d received a LinkedIn recommendation this morning…

I stopped what I was doing to have a peak and I was delighted to see an unexpected review from Pippa Moyle. I can’t think of any one word to describe Pippa –maybe if I throw a bunch out there, you’ll get the idea…she’s lovely, vivacious, energetic, passionate, innovative and full of enthusiasm…. Oops, did I forget talented? Does that go some way to building a picture in your head? Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve personally met up with Pippa, but she and I are often finding each other online. In fact, the last time I think I saw her was at the end of 2015 when I helped her secure a new Content & Social Media job to start off her 2016. She was going to be working for Brighton based camera retailer, MPB.

Just 2 ½ years later, it’s no surprise to me now to see where she is with her career. I marvel at what she’s been achieving. Her entrepreneurial spirit has been let loose. She is the one behind the delightful City Girl Network, which has created online communities in multiple cities across the UK, Europe and now even the US. Personally, even though I may be stretching it a bit on the age bracket, I’m a member of Brighton Girl, one of City Girl’s groups on Facebook. It’s a beautiful concept which is dedicated to empowering, inspiring and supporting young women in their local city (for me and nearly 2,000 other ladies, it’s Brighton).

Pippa’s review is really generous, sharing her experience and thoughts of what it was like finding her job with clockworkTalent’s support.

Natasha is by far the best recruiter I’ve ever come across. She mentors you through each process, celebrates your successes and really helps you to figure out what’s best for you. We worked together when I got my last job at as their Social Media Executive. We spoke on the phone several times and she gave me so much of her time to help me through the nervous waves that come with starting a new job. She knew that the job and the company was right for me at the time, and she was absolutely right. It’s for these reasons and so many more that I always advise people to work with her to grow their career.

Pippa Moyle, Founder/CEO of City Girl Network | Creator of Brighton Girl Magazine

Interestingly our relationship hasn’t stopped there. Recognising clockworkTalent could provide expert hand holding to a job search, Pippa has kindly been spreading the word amongst her network of friends. Referring clockworkTalent as the specialist recruitment agency who not only knows how to help a job search but also takes the time to understand what it is you are looking for.

Thank you, Pippa for your continued support and kind words about our digital marketing recruitment service. It’s really great to see the City Girl Network spreading far and wide, empowering young women to thrive both professionally and personally.

Should you find this community appealing and want to become part of the City Girl Network, you can look for your group here. If you are looking for your next career step, get in touch with our expert recruiters by sending your CV to or check out our live digital marketing job opportunities! You can also connect with us through our social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.