Video content is what social media wants…

2017 is set to be a record year for video production & engagement but which brands are standing out from the rest?

2017 has, so far, lived up to expectations of being the year of video marketing! New video techniques are being explored and released every day, from live video to creative Instagram filters. In an expected response to this, marketers have made the most of the developments in video and are producing increasingly exceptional content.

FUN FACT! Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day!

We have previously written about our favourite digital marketing campaigns, but this time we are focusing solely on Social Video. With 60% of marketers using video in campaigns last year, it wasn’t hard to list stand out examples from memory!

Here are our top 5 brands using video right now:

1- Buzzfeed Tasty

Part of the Buzzfeed family, Tasty has taken ideas from millions of POV instructional videos that can be found online and created their own winning recipe!

The videos take simple recipes and infuse them with beautiful shots of the cooking process. By adding a pinch of professionalism, a tablespoon of tech, generous helpings of cheese pulls and gooey chocolate slow mos, this company is leading the food porn industry.

Tasty is Buzzfeed’s fastest-growing revenue source and the company are now setting their sights beyond video. In 2017, the brand published made-to-order recipe books and since then have developed the ‘One Top’ which is a mobile cooking hob that connects to their smartphone app.

2-, “Melt”

Boohoo took LADbible’s Last lolly Standing live video concept to new, interactive heights by adding the element of competition.

The Brand froze a golden shoe inside a huge block of ice and placed it in front of a heater. Facebook users then commented ‘melt’ on the video to increase the heat and whoever commented closest to the shoe dropping from the ice block won £500 worth of Boohoo vouchers!

Overall, the stunt reached an amazing 2,278,261 people and achieved a record-breaking 1,323,274 engagements, including 332, 895 video views.

3- LG Mobile

Low battery anxiety has become an internet joke, with memes, gifs and exaggerated posts allowing people to make fun of themselves.

LG recognised the relatability of low battery panic, especially across millennial social media users and created this therapy session video ad explaining how their product can solve low battery worries!

4- Knorr, #LoveAtFirstTaste

Knorr aced the merging of our 2 obsessions: Food & Romance!

As a society, we are fascinated by romance, specifically first dates. Dating programmes dominate television and videos of romantic events are shared widely across social media. Alongside this, food is said to be the one thing to bring people together.

This brilliant video campaign bought human emotion and the Knorr product together, producing amazing results! Generating over 31 million views in a single week, the video was a huge success and was later accompanied by a Knorr online quiz for users to discover their own flavour profile, to help with future romances… or cooking.

5- Adidas Originals

Adidas’ marketing strategy has now completely moved away from television and is concentrated on digital/mobile platforms. What this means is that their use of social video game has, therefore, stepped up to better engage with younger consumers.

Not only did they begin the year with an inspiring video campaign of female fitness & creativity but they have recently revamped one of their previous campaigns to prove ‘ORIGINAL is never finished’

The film was shared on YouTube before being broken down into clips for the brand’s other social channels including Instagram. Each clip features an influential figure, from Kendall Jenner to James Harden, 21 Savage and Young Thug.

Viewers are encouraged to use the hashtag #ORIGINALSis to share their own Adidas clothing creations across Instagram – bloggers and fashion influencers included!

…Did you know that clockworkTalent have even placed digital job seekers into the adidas originals marketing team?

If you want to create exceptional video marketing campaigns for successful brands like those we’ve showcased in our Top 5, check out our live job board where you’ll find a range of jobs in the social media landscape based across the UK and overseas!