Has it really been 3 months already?!

So, it’s been around 3 months now since I began my digital marketing career with clockworkTalent. What a whirlwind it’s been! I feel as though I have learnt an unfathomable amount in such a short space of time. 

When I started in January, I joined as a Recruitment Executive. This in itself was going to be a giant learning curve and Tasha spent a lot of time teaching me about recruitment. From helping job seekers to supporting employers and everything in between. At the same time, I was also learning the basics of digital marketing. The idea being I’d become a specialist recruiter! This took a lot of repetition, and I’m sure Tasha must’ve had to repeat herself a gazillion times. I can finally say that I’m eventually (more or less) there with a rock-solid foundation! 

Whilst I was getting up to speed with the recruitment process, I hopped between digital marketing and recruitment. Tasha encouraged me to immerse myself in digital marketing. From hands-on playing with websites, online courses, office chats, podcasts and even in-person conferences! I was lucky enough to go to Women in Tech SEO’s conference which was amazing! It was my first time at a big industry event. I found the talks super interesting, the people inspiring and the atmosphere was everything I hoped it would be.

Plot twist!👀

Although, after we got back from WTSFest, I threw a spanner in the works. 

I spoke to Tasha about how much I was enjoying the digital marketing aspect of my job. Albeit a little (well ok, a lot) more so than the recruitment side. It’s probably because I’m a relatively introverted person. I found that I was more than happy to sit at my desk rooting through our website. Having a go at optimizing the pages, comparing data from one blog to the next or trying out what I’d learnt in SEO courses. Tasha was fantastic. She listened to what I needed from her. We then decided that instead of being her prodigy recruiter, I’d side-step. I’d move into an exclusively digital marketing role instead!

I’m absolutely loving my new role. I’ve gotten to take the reins of our website, social media and all things digital. I’m always learning and I’m in my element. I still get to be involved in the recruitment journey (very much from a backseat) and love seeing people land their perfect job roles! I’m still getting to grips with social platforms and working on my TikTok skills (if anyone’s cracked the algorithm, please share!). 

I also get to see so many inspiring digital marketers spring through the virtual clockworkTalent door! Whether it be job-seeking, looking for advice or featuring in a blog; there’s always someone new to learn from marketing-wise. Speaking of learning from other people in the industry, a big shout-out to Azeem for giving me the opportunity to go to BrightonSEO! It was the best experience ever; I learnt so much and had a great time! I’m constantly overwhelmed by how supportive digital marketers are!

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