Earn yourself £250 by helping a friend get a new job with clockworkTalent!*

If you recommend someone to clockworkTalent whom we’ve not worked with within the last 6 months and we get them a new job, you’ll receive £250 as a ‘Thank You!‘ once they pass their probation.

So, if you’ve got a friend who is looking for a new job in digital marketing, needs some help with their job search or wants someone to help them understand better their career options, tell them to get in touch with our specialist digital recruiters.

All you need to do is share clockworkTalent’s contact details with your friend(s) and make sure they mention your name in their initial conversation with us!

How to earn your £250:

 *Terms & conditions
Your name must be given to clockworkTalent at the initial registration by the job seeker. The job seeker (your referral) must not have been active in the prior 6 months with clockworkTalent. The job seeker must be successfully placed in a new role by clockworkTalent with a start date within the first 6 months of referral. Payment will only be made once the job seeker has passed the probation period of their new job.