Prostate Cancer has affected millions of people worldwide…

Join us and the Woodford family as they raise money and awareness in the battle against cancer!

Tomorrow, myself (Natasha) and around 100 of my father’s friends will be getting together in aid of fundraising for Prostate Cancer. Those of you who don’t know, my Dad, Guy Woodford is a Prostate Cancer survivor.

Unable to participate in Movember myself, I thought we’d leverage Dad’s charity lunch tomorrow to spread awareness. We have a Woodford family JustGiving page to support my Dad’s fundraising efforts –  Please do click and donate if you are able to, no matter how large or small, it goes a long way – and we thank you.

Dad’s goal is to raise £250,000 – he personally has raised just over £246,000 (!!) when I last checked…. Tomorrow should raise another couple thousand. I am so proud of my Dad and so grateful he is still with us, so I ask if you would like to please donate to his fundraising effort, it really would be amazing.

This year is significant as we have had some remarkable news. Since being diagnosed with prostate cancer over 15 years ago, my Dad has had a lot of treatment to keep this dreadful disease at bay, from having his prostate removed immediately through to having to have seek out new ways of treating his cancer… Ranging from surgery, intrusive examinations, scans, different cocktails of drugs injected and so much more. Some of the side effects for Dad haven’t been the nicest but the tradeoff is… he is still with us… and therefore so worth it! This year, following further new and even more costly treatments, Dad has been pronounced cancer free! A miracle for which we are all incredibly grateful.

For those of you who don’t know my Dad – he’s amazing. One of two sons, Dad had a 35-year international career with Standard Chartered Bank. He’s a rock solid family man, father to myself and my two brothers and loving husband to my Mom for nearly 50 years!! He’s now a proud Grandad to my 3 nieces and nephew. Not only do the family think he is a champion but so does the world, in 2013 my Dad received an MBE for his service to the community and charity fundraising! He’s a modest man, so he’d never tell you this!

It’s only through the research, progress and development put into ridding us of this nasty disease that new techniques and medicines have allowed treatment to progress. This is why fundraising is so important. Tomorrow’s lunch will be splendid – a curry buffet at the London Capital Club which is part of Brocket Hall Group –  all Woodfords’ love a curry, as I am sure you do to. We will be honoured that my Dad’s surgeon, specialist Professor Roger Kirby will be joining us.  It’s thanks to innovative and dedicated people like Roger and Professor Heather Payne that the treatment of Prostate Cancer has advanced. Please help continue the fight on Prostate Cancer with a donation.

Many thanks in advance, Natasha Woodford, on behalf of Guy Woodford and family.