It was all so going well… then they opened your CV

Your CV is the most important component of any job application, so it needs to be right. I read thousands of CV’s every month and can be put off a seemingly good application in seconds. Here are some easy things to do to get a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention in the application stage…

  • Follow job advert instructions, using the correct email address and contact details
  • Use a good email subject line with the job title or reference number
  • Ensure you write a targeted cover note, enough to make them want to read your CV
  • Check if there is an attention to detail test in the advert that needs including
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to attach your CV to your email!

Tom recently sent his CV to us at clockworkTalent as a Freelance SEO Consultant. Although he followed our application process perfectly and his professional experience was good, his original CV was letting him down.

It’s obvious to anyone who has tried to write their own CV, it’s hard. It’s hard writing about yourself. Being objective yet striking a balance of showcasing your achievements without being arrogant.

To help overcome this challenge, we shared our tips in a popular article How To Write A Great CV.

woman writing CV at desk

Reading Tom’s original CV over and over again, I thought he had good experience, but I kept coming back with more questions. Was it worth speaking with him for more detail or do I pick the candidate whose CV was well written and had the detail I’m looking for?

Did he have deep enough knowledge? Did he undertake self-learning? Was he attending industry conferences? Who was he following to keep abreast of the latest trends? Did he have career continuity, or had he hopped jobs?

All of my questions could have been avoided with a better-written CV. So we used our expertise, built up from many years of recruiting and helped Tom write his experience into a much-improved CV.

Below is the review Tom shared after receiving our help. Big thanks, Tom!

“Very impressed and pleased with the experience I had with Natasha/clockworkTalent. I feel like Natasha went the extra mile and spent time really getting to know my background. Her advice and expertise were incredibly helpful, she even took the time to feedback and improve my CV! clockworkTalent will be top of my recruitment agency list when I’m next looking for a new role.”

-Tom, Freelance SEO Consultant

If you’re wondering what the next project will be for you (whether freelance, interim or permanent) and you want to use the expertise of experienced recruiters to tweak your CV, or maybe you need a sounding board for ideas on what career progression might be right for you – contact me, Natasha directly on Or if you prefer to book yourself a FREE CV critique, you can claim yours here.