Before you hand in your resignation…

If you’ve fallen out of love with your job, you may feel like you need to get out asap but we have some things for you to try before looking for something new.

Get away from your desk…

Did you know that over a third of all British workers don’t use up all of their annual holiday allowances? Why not!

You’re entitled to time off throughout the year, so take it! And I don’t mean you have to go on holiday all the time, you could use these days to attend conferences and industry events to meet new people and take charge of your own personal development.

Rachel Finch, founder of Brighton Digital Women explained recently at an event that she tries to take a ‘Selfcation’ twice a year. This means going somewhere you’ve never heard of, on your own. Solo travel will bring you out of your comfort zone and provide new experiences from which you can learn a whole lot about yourself.

Get organised

Who doesn’t love a to-do list?

Even if you only write down 3 small things you’d like to achieve for the day, it’s so satisfying to see them ticked off at the end of the day! You could also flip it around and make a note of something you’ve accomplished at the end of each day.

One of my favourite things to do to de-stress / improve my mood is to declutter my desk and treat myself to some new stationery.

Call me crazy but when I got to work on Monday a few weeks ago to find my colleague had bought me a cute pink pot of paperclips it made my day!

Take up a new sport

I know most of you just cringed at the thought of having to do this but hear me out…

Taking up a new sport and getting exercise can do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing allowing you to look at your job in a new perspective. I recently took up squash, found that I wasn’t completely awful at it and surprisingly quite enjoy it! Instantly, I felt energised and now have something new to look forward to doing after work.

Half of the battle is finding the motivation to get out there and try something new and the other half is finding the time after a day’s work.

But it can be done!

To avoid sweating it out on your own in the gym, why not join a team/evening class of something you enjoy – this way, you’ll also meet new friends along the way!

You could simply go for a walk at lunchtimes or start morning/lunchtime yoga sessions in your office for you and your colleagues. Even easier, you could park a bit further away from the office forcing yourself to raise the blood pressure as you walk into work. Anything to get the endorphins bouncing!

Find purpose in your role

Step back and take a look at your role. Without getting technical about job descriptions, what is your purpose?

As the Digital Marketing Executive at clockworkTalent, my (non-technical) purpose is to spread the word about our exceptional service in finding jobs for digital marketing talent.

I find huge personal satisfaction when I hear from our recruitment team that someone who I initially spoke to on social media has received a job offer through our agency!

If you can focus on your worth, you might spark up a new passion for your job.

Office dog, Office dog, Office dog!

Having a canine colleague is a growing trend for businesses- and with good reason!

It’s proven that dogs have loads of positive effects on teams. According to The Guardian, more than 8% of employees in the UK can take their dogs to work. If you’re struggling to think of how to convince your boss to allow this, why not ask for a company trial on Bring Your Dog To Work Day this year.

More reasons your boss might be persuaded by…

They offer a pleasant distraction from work and can give you an opportunity to take a short break. They promote positivity and can unite a team by being the centre of attention. Office dogs also balance emotions, are non-judgemental and will be friends with anyone, which can help you relax and feel at ease as you work.

Not only that, but an office dog will also provide unlimited content for your social media! – Check out the #OfficeDogs hashtag on Instagram!

Make new friends

Try to change who you sit with / spend the most time with at work, fresh conversation and faces can help improve your mood. A little goes a long way when building relationships with colleagues so share those positive vibes! You could simply make coffee for your team or help a colleague with something they’ve been struggling with.

If you’re part of a small team embrace social media! Facebook groups are a great place to find like-minded people in your industry who are happy to chat, answer questions and learn about your work throughout the day. One of the best ones I’ve found for meeting and chatting things through with engaged Digital Marketers is Team Digirati.

I am part of a very small team and we work closely together every day. We know what makes each other happy and one way we stay motivated at work is by making an effort with each other!

I personally have a goal of making sure my boss Natasha and I laugh everyday… and we usually do!

Change it up!

Try to do something differently! If you can change the way you do your job or can find new ways to get your work done, do it!

Know when to end it

Very much like any relationship, if it’s toxic, walk away.

If you’ve given it your all and still aren’t finding happiness in your role, it’s probably time to move on.

The best thing you can do is be honest with your current employer and try to take your time finding a new role before leaving. If you rebound into a new job too quickly you might end up regretting that one too.

If you’re looking for true love with a Digital Marketing Role, our specialist recruiters can help. Not only do we have a range of jobs in all areas of the industry, but we also take the time to get to know you. To use our expert matchmaking service, get in touch with Natasha Woodford by calling 02037514108 or email your CV to