Time flies when you’re having fun!

It’s been about 3 months since I joined the clockworkTalent team as the new Digital Marketing Executive and it has FLOWN by! When I started in my new job, I was aware the then Digital Marketing Manager Emma was going to be leaving quite soon after I started. So for the first 2 weeks of my job, I had to quickly try and absorb as much information as I possibly could from Emma before she left! Of course, Natasha is always there to help when I need it and has been very patient with me. This has definitely made everything a lot easier! 

Coming up to Christmas, I was already feeling pretty settled and I definitely was seeing a difference in my work. I felt familiar with lots of the tools we use and I already had developed my own routine for the week. Not forgetting my copywriting skills. I was (and am) most definitely working on these, particularly when it comes to writing attention-grabbing, realistic job adverts. Fortunately, we’ve got a steady stream of digital marketing jobs coming in, so I am still constantly able to work on these! Sophie’s first intro as the newbie on TikTok starring both Sophie and I did well on TikTok, so it has made us both more confident in filming and posting them each week. 

I know which platforms I am strongest in and which ones I need to work on a bit more. TikTok is probably my weakest but it is the main platform I’d like to build on. You see, I’ve taken the reins of clockworkTalent on all social platforms. You can follow our TikTok journey here! My own network has also been broadened a lot too (feel free to invite me to connect with you on Linkedin). I was (and continually am) so surprised by how nice everyone is in this industry! Everyone has been so supportive and helpful! Giving me advice, pointed me in the direction of where to find things and books to read (thank you, Azeem for going that extra mile and sending me some!). It’s so helpful when brand new to digital marketing. Thank you! 

I’ve already got a couple of things I’m really looking forward to in 2022. Firstly, attending Women in Tech SEO and then BrightonSEO. This will be my first time attending each of these industry conferences. It’ll be great to listen to the speakers as well as meet all the people I’ve been talking to on Twitter! I’m also excited about learning as much as I can.

I’m also excited to have Sophie join the clockworkTalent team! She is new to the industry like me, so we are helping each other with all Digital Marketing aspects!  She’s great when it comes to filming TikToks and I am very happy to share this with another person in the office as you can see with Sophie’s first intro as the newbie on TikTok.

If you’re feeling kind, you can give this article a like and share it on your social media. If you’re feeling even kinder, you’ll engage with all future clockworkTalent’s posts you see as you’ll be helping me out in my job! Hopefully, I’ll meet you in person at one of the conferences but if not feel free to invite me to connect on Linkedin.